Pep Fujas talks upcoming films and a game called Duff

Pep Fujas talks upcoming films and a game called Duff

Mr. Braden (Pep) Fujas is consistently on the move in search of new adventures. More often than not, those adventures entail deep snow. This season was no different for Pep as he made the rounds from Japan to Colorado, to Austria, to Alaska, to Central America and beyond. And what went down amidst the globe trotting? Are there any big things to expect in the upcoming films from Nimbus and Poor Boyz? We checked in with Pep to find out.

Freeskier.com: I hear through the grapevine you've been busy this season. Europe, Canada, Japan, Alaska, Poor Boyz, Nimbus… Tell me a bit about where you've been and what went down on some of these trips.

Pep Fujas: The grapevine certainly has a lot of grapes. Yeah, I was busy. My total number of days at home I can say with 100% certainty from January through April didn't hit double digits. I started with Nimbus in Japan, returned to work on the Red Bull Cold Rush, went to Austria with Nimbus, returned to prep and compete in the Cold Rush, flew to Alaska, and finally down to Costa Rica.

Japan was, well, oh so typical Japan, filled with lots of pow and not a whole lot of sun. We hit a lot of pillow pat-downs and skied tons of pow-filled tree laps, with and without cameras. One of the most memorable ski shots I have is of Andy [Mahre] blasting off of a pat-down, airing through a tree gap no wider than his shoulders. Total air time was balls to the walls.


Alaska. Photos by Pep Fujas.

As for Europe, all I can say is Schnapps and Duff. The skiing was great, don't get me wrong, but the Schnapps were unbelievable and hardly a day passed without an hour or longer Duff session. Duff is a game played with a soccer ball—if you screw up, you get a letter. The first one to spell "DUFF" bends over as each person in the game takes a shot at his ass. Advice: The calves and back of the knees hurt the worst.

I picked up a 2nd place at the Cold Rush and then went with an all-star crew to AK consisting of [Sean] Pettit, Dane [Tudor], [Riley] Leboe and myself. So much goodness went down on this trip… 7s off cliffs and in lines, Pettit and Dane doing 3s off of everything, sometimes two per line, and I skied one of the scariest lines I've ever skied and came out to tell the tale. Then I went to Canada, drove 18.5 hours straight from Utah, arrived at 2:00am, met at the trailhead at 8:00am and hit a super fun jump with [Josh] Stack and came out with a couple of—what do all the young kids say these days?.. Bangers and mash. I got a couple bangers, but also got mashed.


Man made features at Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton, CO.

FS: Any insight into what we can expect from Poor Boyz and Nimbus this year?

PF: Poor Boyz will be Poor Boyz, complete with everything you could expect of a well rounded movie showcasing all genres of our sport. I hear rumors of insane urban, incredible park shoots and having witnessed Alaska, there will be some fantastic big mountain. As for Nimbus, this is Nimbus' finest hour. Eric [Pollard] has had some time to really put a lot of thought into what he wants to bring to skiing through Nimbus and let his creative juices flow. We will be putting out a couple of full length webisodes featuring Japan and Austria come fall, and a variety of mix-ups thereafter. And maybe to put a bug out there, I think Eric has a trick up his sleeve.

FS: In many places, it wasn't the greatest year in terms of snowfall. From chatting with friends, do you get the idea that film crews in general struggled to get shots throughout the season?

PF: I do get the idea that some film companies struggled but I don't believe there will be any shortage of greatness as far as quality of content. People are getting better each year, more creative and have the ability to do some crazy things. Sure everyone struggled a bit, but everyone seems to struggle every year, that's kind of the catch of trying to create a whole movie in one season.

FS: Switching gears, you were just in Nicaragua. You head that way to get barreled and bronzed?

PF: So much for a relaxing trip to Nicaragua… We scored and couldn't for the life of us stay out of the water. I think we did two or three sessions a day. It was madness. There were tons of waves to be had, and many Tonas to drink. I would like to say I was there to get barreled and bronzed, but it was more like pounded and scorched.

I went down with the Benchetlers and Hotels, along with Kelly Clark and Ellery Hollingsworth. It was a pretty rad crew. I've been to Central America a couple of times. I can't say it's been routine, but that's going to change.


"On my doorstep…" in Nicaragua.

FS: Any skiing plans for later in the summer?

PF: My summer ski plans are slim right now. I'm just planning on going down to Chile for the Swatch Skiers Cup in early September. There are a couple of other trips in the works but I can't say because they aren't solidified. I'm also hoping to make it to Hood for a couple of weeks but haven't decided on when yet.

Follow along with Pep on his adventures via Twitter and Instagram: @pepfujas

Click here to see more of Pep's Instagram photos via Gramfeed.


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