Pat Goodnough is a man to watch for on the Mt. Hood glacier this summer

Pat Goodnough is a man to watch for on the Mt. Hood glacier this summer

Pat Goodnough has made a name for himself in Colorado by tearing up the parks at Breckenridge and Keystone, something he's been doing for nearly a decade. While his skills are certainly "Goodnough," Pat has remained a relative unknown to most in the world of skiing—until recently. After filming with Level 1 at a few spring shoots last season Pat was propelled onto TV screens and computer monitors worldwide. A standout performance at the 2012 War of Rails and a starring role in a viral web edit released by Armada Skis this spring furthered his notoriety.

Pat is known as a hard worker. He's on the hill early, and he's typically unbuckling his ski boots after the lifts have stopped spinning. His passion for skiing and his strong talent even earned him a spot on our official #FreeskierFest Ski Testing Team. In an effort to keep his skiing skills sharp, Pat will soon be departing Colorado for the Mt. Hood glacier, where he'll take advantage of the terrain park at Windells Camp. Before Pat managed to make his escape, however, we got ahold of him to discuss his background, his rise to the spotlight and his plans for the future.


Pat transfers from the up rail to the wall ride at the 2012 War of Rails. Photos by Henrik Lampert.


Freeskier.com: Remind me, where did you grow up? Have you been skiing your whole life?

Pat Goodnough: I grew up in a small town called Dansville. It's about 60 miles south of Rochester, New York. I have been skiing since I was four years old, and skiing freestyle ever since the black and white Salomon 720s hit the market [2000/01].

FS: When did you come to Summit County?

PG: I moved to Summit County in 2005 with my mom, started going to school in Breckenridge at Summit High, and I haven’t looked back since.

FS: Over the years you housed a handful of pros throughout the winter seasons, especially in between some of the big events in Colorado—like the U.S. Freeskiing Open and X Games. How did you get to know those guys at first? What was it like having those guys around the house?

9_19_2_0.jpgPG: I met Sammy Carlson through skiing for Salomon. He introduced me to Simon Dumont and Jacob Wester. They needed a place to stay for a few weeks in between competitions and I was more than stoked to have these guys at my place. Being around them and seeing how hard they ski on the daily, and how focused they are on the sport, that was a turning point in my life.

[Left: Pat hikes during a jam session at 2012 War of Rails]

Ever since that year, Jacob has made it a point to come back and stay with us every season. He usually rents a room for parts of November, December and January. He's been doing that for the past five years now. Aside from Jacob and Simon, Sammy, Tanner Rainville, Alex Bellemare, Tom Wallisch, Jon Olsson, Peter and Michael Olenick, Luke Van Valin, Emile Bergeron, Will Berman, Tim McChesney, Steve Stepp, Dane Tudor, Oscar Harlaut and a host of other pros and aspiring pros have stayed at the house for some period of time. Living and chilling with the people that have the same goals and aspirations that I do is what the Waffle House community is built around.

[Waffle House is the name affectionally given to Pat's home as it's the common meal served to the gang in the mornings. After all, "It's the quickest and easiest thing to make when we are running out of the house to grab first chair," says Pat.]

FS: I saw you skiing years ago all around Summit County and you always struck me as one who had great talent. What was even more apparent was a strong work ethic and a genuine passion. You were out before the others, and stayed on the hill past the time everyone went home. And you hiked features like a machine, over and over until you bagged the trick you were going for. Where does that drive come from?

PG: The drive comes from being 100% passionate about skiing. I love what I do with my life every day, and love the people and community that surround me. I try to live every day like it's my last. Its all fun, and I have never been able to get enough of it.


Lucas Evans, Grant Savidge and Pat Goodnough have some fun at the 2012/13 Park Ski Test.


FS: As good as you were, and are, it took years before your name began to make its way into the spotlight. Last year you did some shooting with Level 1, and this season you had a solid performance at the War of Rails and you released a great edit with Armada. Was there anything in particular that you did to establish yourself more in the mainstream, or has it been more of an organic change?

PG: It's definitely been an organic change, but now that I have sponsors like Armada and Breckenridge, it's been much easier to establish myself outside of my home resort of Breckenridge. Having sponsors with a solid fan base and having them promote my skiing through their various channels has been huge.

FS: Is competition skiing something you'd like to do more of going forward?

PG: Yeah, definitely. I have always loved competing.

FS: What skiers do you look to for inspiration?

PG: Sammy Carlson, Tanner Hall, Adam Delorme, Tanner Rainville, Liam Downey, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Will Berman, Dane Tudor, Bobby Brown, Alex Bellemere, Keri Herman, Jacob Wester and the whole 4BI9 and Stept crews.

Project Pat by Armada Skis Inc.


FS: You're headed to Mt. Hood for the summer. Are we going to see some rad new edits from you? Any tricks you plan to learn?

PG: Yeah I am definitely going to focus on learning new tricks for next season. I am going to get my rightside game on lock. And hopefully I'll be able to film and drop some new hot fire.

FS: Have any plans lined up for next season?

PG: Not too much as of now, but I want to go into the backcountry and rip my sled as much as possible.

FS: Cheers to that. Any last words?

PG: First off, thanks to you guys at Freeskier for all the support through the years. Thanks also to my family, Josh Bishop at Armada, Austyn Williams at Breckenridge, Chris Krance and Drew Van Gorder from Slope Style in Breck, the boys at Level 1 Productions, Chris Hawks and Tyler Conway, Pete, Gabe and Dave at Jiberish and Blake Kimmel.

Follow along with Pat on Twitter and Instagram: @patproject


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