Orage athlete Taylor Seaton Woodward edit!

Orage athlete Taylor Seaton Woodward edit!

Big thank you to Scott Klumb for putting this edit together. Nice work! And huge ups to Taylor Seaton from Orage.

As you all know, Orage was one of our summer sponsors for sessions 1 and 2. They came in and threw down prizes like mad! 5 $200 gift certificates, multitudes of tall tees, Tj and Taylor gave out pro model jackets and pants, bandanas, and all sort of other goodies. Not to mention they sent out team riders TJ Schiller, Taylor Seaton and Phil “B-Dog” Casabon. But enough about that.

Thursday’s edition is all about Taylor Seaton. In addition to being an Armada, Oakley and Orage athlete Taylor is also on our Woodward at Copper pro team. You’ll see him hangin around Woodward or in the Copper halfpipe (which by the way is going to be a 22 footer next year, the steepest 22 footer on tour BTW). Taylor was here for two full weeks learning new tricks, teaching new tricks and having a blast with all of the campers.

Thanks Tay! Glad to have you a part of our team.



Day at Woodward from Scott Klumb on Vimeo.

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