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News Flash: Week of January 25, 2023

News Flash: Week of January 25, 2023

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Eileen Gu returns to the World Cup circuit as if she never left

Eileen Gu hasn’t competed since the Winter Olympics in Beijing last February but her return to the World Cup circuit in Calgary last week proved she’s still the best. Taking home two golds from Canada, Gu is well on her way to dominating another season. “It’s been 11 and a half months since I’ve competed and coming out of the Olympics, obviously it’s difficult to follow that up pressure wise, but I think it’s been so much fun,” Gu, told CBC after the event.

Photo by Kjell Ellefson

Cassie Sharp announces she won’t be competing at X Games this weekend

Cassie Sharpe has been an X Games staple since she first won gold in 2016 but the Olympic champion is “taking a small sabbatical this year to relax after a crazy Olympic cycle.” The Canadian powerhouse will surely be missed. For the full X Games schedule this weekend, click here.

Arc’teryx welcomes Coline Ballet-Baz to the flock

Coline Ballet-Baz is arguably the most well-rounded freeride skier on the female side of things and after saying goodbye to her longtime outerwear sponsor, Picture Organic Clothing, the French freerider is joining forces with Arc’teryx. With the intention of producing more ski films, and with teammates like Michelle Parker and Tatum Monod, we personally can’t wait to see what this partnership develops into.

Outside Inc. puts a halt on Warren Miller film plans this year

30-year Warren Miller film veteran Chris Patterson took to Instagram this week to share the disappointing news that the crew will not be making a ski movie this year. A first in the brand’s 74 years in business, Outside plans to do a 75th anniversary film next year using existing footage from films of the past.

Two American brothers killed, one more injured in avalanche at CMH Nomads

Brothers Jonathan and Timothy Kinsley, 59 and 57, tragically passed away this week after getting caught, carried and buried in an avalanche while heli-skiing at CMH Nomads, near Revelstoke, British Columbia. A CMH guide was also caught and partially buried but is in stable condition now. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of the Kinsley brothers.

Markus Eder dominates the Nendaz Backcountry Invitational

Some would call the Nendaz Backcountry Invitational one of the best ski comps in the world right now and if that’s the case, Markus Eder is the champion of the third annual “best” event. On the women’s side, Lea Bouard took home the gold for throwing three solid, massive backflips.

Tyndall Wells behind new BuldozLife project

EXPRESSION is the latest work coming from the BuldozLife crew but this project is a bit different, coming from a different perspective. The perspective of Tyndall Wells. Wells spent one month with the crew in the Swiss Alps and sent a WeTransfer link with the full edit nine months later. Here’s the final product.

The LINE crew preps for another season of the Tell a Friend Tour

Enjoy the 2022 recap of the Tell a Friend Tour and prepare for the 2023 season! With 16 stops across the United States and Canada, you won’t want to miss your chance to ski with Andy and other LINE pros like Will Wesson, Taylor Lundquist, Reagan Wallis, Simeon Glas, Pete Kouokv, Bennie Osnow, and many more.

Baker Boyd and Rossignol released ‘Discordance’

A quick rip down to South America this fall led Rossignol athlete Baker Boyd and filmer Cedar Palmer inside and outside the boundaries of Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina. ‘Discordance’ is the product of Boyd sampling the various snow conditions in his fast, smooth, quiet signature style.

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