New Zealand Wire. UPDATED!

New Zealand Wire. UPDATED!

While the peaks around Breckenridge have started to see snow and rumors of Copper Mountain blowing snow soon circulate, the professionals in our sport have traveled across the globe to ski. Wanaka, New Zealand is a quiet city that is playing host to super pros like Peter Olenick, Simon Dumont, John Symms, Sammy Carlson and Colby West, to name a few. Not to be left behind, up and coming Canadian pros Mike Henitiuk and Justin Dorey flew in for some antics. A few have checked in, to give us the scoop on what has been happening — slopeside and apres — down under. Here’s what they have to say:

-Jossi Wells, resident Kiwi, has been quoted, “Yea bro, it’s pretty dope [here], it’s cool to have someone to ski with.” Apparently Jossi, along with his three younger brothers, now have friends. Who they can ski with.

-John Symms, Peter Olenick and Simon Dumont were in a minor car accident the other day. No injuries were reported from the incident. Read to John Symms’ website for the full story.

-John Symms suffered a concussion while skiing at Snowpark, thus rendering him a bit sensitive for three days. To pass the time, Symms and Colby West have allegedly grown neck beards and mustaches. Photos are on their way.

-In other Colby West news, he can be seen playing an American favorite, Scrabble, with Sammy Carlson to pass the winter nights. “Sammy is getting better at scrabble. his new highest scoring turn was ten points,” says Colby.

-Justin Dorey has reported that their (Henitiuk and company) car has broken down. No word on whether they have since fixed the whip, or that it is, as Dorey puts, “not that dope.”

-Simon Dumont and Tanner Hall are reportedly skiing halfpipe, very well. Just behind them, every skier there has supposedly learned switch hits in the pipe.

-Summit County resident Keri Herman has reportedly won the Red Bull Slopestyle, with Angeli Van Laanen nabbing a double podium at the New Zealand Free Ski Open.

-Nursing John Symms’ back to health, Peter Olenick decided to take John to the Sky City Casino, for a full day. Peter broke even and had a great time, while Symms’ had a good time or bad time, he can’t remember.

-Youngsters Sammy Carlson and Aussie Russ Henshaw have been riding well. Look for them to do well in the early season competitions.

-The Salomon house has reported a shortage of snus. No word on if they will survive.


-Taking in the local culture on a rainy day, Sammy Carlson has been described as a sheep herding master.

-John Symms drank some local run off water and may have giardia.

-Justin Dorey and Mike Henitiuk report skiing in waist deep powder. However, they are both midgets, so no word on how much powder they actually skied.

-Jossi Wells does not know what a Bentley Phantom is, thus requiring a lenghtier stay in America this year.

-Symms and Colby West have gross, yet intriguing neck beards, yet another compliment to the local flavor.

-Jacob Wester has not been partaking in any facial hair antics, like the Americans.

9/12 UPDATE!

-Simon Dumont and Peter Olenick have been re-enacting Top Gun by working out together every day.

-Mike Henitiuk has reportedly made it back to Canada in one piece despite his crazy karaoke skills.

-Jossi Wells is now sad because it will be another year before anyone decided to visit him.

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