New Jersey will be home to first indoor ski slope in the Western Hemisphere

New Jersey will be home to first indoor ski slope in the Western Hemisphere

Featured Image: Courtesy of American Dream Meadowlands

Indoor skiing is coming to the Western Hemisphere. In March 2019, construction on the much-anticipated American Dream Meadowlands complex is planned to come to a close, providing the public its first glimpse at the enormous entertainment destination, including a climate-controlled indoor ski hill, located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Big Snow America will undoubtedly be a top attraction at the venue. Featuring an 800-foot slope inside a 16-story structure, the ski hill will offer 180,000-square-feet of terrain as well as all of the amenities you’d find at your local ski hill, including a chairlift, terrain park, ski school instructors and even a full-blown chalet.

Utilizing the same snowmaking technology found at your local resort, the operation will run year-round with the help of humidity and climate control systems, including a glycol cooling system that will help maintain snow quality and cold temperatures. The facility will also recycle melted snow as it produces more, unlike older operations that operate in a different manner.

PHOTO: Courtesy of American Dream Meadowlands

Although the facility will cater to all skill levels, it will particularly focus on beginner and intermediate visitors in hopes of growing interest in snow sports among urban inhabitants. By providing access to skiing in a place that otherwise doesn’t offer much to do with the sport, representatives of American Dream Meadowlands are confident that the attraction will be an immediate success. All we can say is it’ll be pretty awesome to go skiing in New Jersey in the middle of August next summer.

Editor’s Note: This story previously stated the indoor snow park would have an 800 vertical foot drop. This was incorrect. The snow park’s slope will in fact be 800 feet long. The change has since been made.

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