Mysnowparks.com better than ever

Mysnowparks.com better than ever

Mysnowparks.com has geared up for the new season!

The international snowpark community Mysnowparks.com has been under heavy preparations for the coming season during the last couple of months. The site is now ready to give you all the latest information about parks all around the world. Check out all the new features and tweaks below.

With a free user profile you can browse and compare parks in your area or on the other side of the world. You can rate the parks you have visited and these ratings will contribute to the lists of the TOP PARKS, where you can apply different filters to find e.g. the best halfpipe in North America or the best kickers in France.

Mysnowparks.com leaves it to all the users to contribute with their information and photos to help create the world’s most complete and up-to-date snowpark database.

Apart from a lot of site-wide tweaking these are the main new features:

– The frontpage image will rotate with resorts/parks of current interest

– The TOP FIVE PARKS will rotate with different filters

– Search is completely new. Suggestions will be shown when you start writing in the search field. It is also now possible to find people by the full name.

– The FIND PARKS map will always have the country flags visible, which means you can switch between countries easier.

– The TOP PARKS has gotten a new filter called “Categories” with which you can find the highest rated kickers, rails, halfpipe ect. Combined with the location filter you can e.g. find the best halfpipe in France.

– The resort page has gotten more currencies for lift ticket prices

– The resort page will show temperatures in both Celcius and Fahrenheit

– The resort page has gotten new “Resort Photos” where you can easily upload great photos from the resort (not the parks)

– Webcam streams can be added to both resort and park pages

– The park page is revamped and now has “Park Photos” where you can upload great photos from the park (it is nice to have overview photos and photos of each obstacle)

– The park rating is reset which means you will have to rate again. The overall rating is now pulled down if the park is missing one or more categories e.g. rails

– The park page has a new feature called “Text Updates” where you can write an update, a review or whatever from the park


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