MySnowparks becoming TripAdvisor of snowparks

MySnowparks becoming TripAdvisor of snowparks

It is finally possible to get reliable information and reviews of snowparks from all around the world. The new invites the users to review parks and collaboratively keep an information database of all snowparks fully up-to-date. Jon Olsson and other pros see huge  potential.

Skiers and snowboarders who hang out in the snowparks are frustrated with the lack of reliable information available online about the parks they want to go to. They often end up in a park that doesn’t look at all like the photos on the resort website.

The new offers a compelling solution. It allows anyone to sign up for free and review parks from all around the world. If your local mountain is not already on the site you can request to have it added. This makes it the Tripadvisor of snowparks.

Further, works as an open database of resort and park information that all users can edit to keep it up-to-date. People can upload their photos, write status updates from a park, and take part in discussions based around each of the more than 500 resorts on the site. In other words it is a community for everyone who loves snowparks.

MySnowparks is already creating a buzz in the industry. Swedish superstar skier Jon Olsson says: "I was excited when I first heard about the concept of MySnowparks. I have been missing something like this all my career. And I really like that both the resorts and users will be able to edit the information. I cannot count how many times I have come to a park that was not what I expected. It will be much easier to know the quality of the park in advance.”

The idea for MySnowparks came to founder Troels Feodor, a now former semi-pro skier from Denmark, when he was travelling around world 5 years ago to compete and film ski movies. “These are exciting times for us. We have only been around for a short while and are two people running the whole show. The strong need for a solution to the problem MySnowparks is addressing has not diminished in recent years. With this complete relaunch we are looking to make MySnowparks the real go-to-place to compare parks,” Troels says.



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