My Mission for the 08-09 Ski Season

My Mission for the 08-09 Ski Season

My Mission for the Free skiing Season of 2008 is a big one for me. I think I’m gaining enough confidence in myself that its time for me to get into some competition. I super stoked for the 2008 season and I’m going full out! There’s nothing I’m going to leave out for this winter like the last couple years. Although living in Wisconsin isn’t the greatest I find the time and places to go for winter. One neighboring hill next to me, Crystal Ridge [which use to be a dump] is probably the smallest hill ever, but we make our fun out of it building and messing with what we can. I have plans of going to Colorado with a few friends to go skiing there for the first time. I’m super stoked for that too. I’ve always wanted to go skiing there and I’m getting the chance to! besides going on an amazing trip like that I usually always head up to my cousins neck of the woods and kick it there at Granite Peak located in Wausau, Wisconsin. They have some pretty nice kickers and I always look forward to that trip also. Lots planned for this winter and Hopefully I’ll make my best out of it. But until then thanks for reading.

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