Monster Weekend Wrap Up [Videos]

Monster Weekend Wrap Up [Videos]

As with anything, all good things must come to an end. Sunday was Monster Energy, Scott USA and the three athlete’s (Wallisch, Dorey Cosco) last hurrah in Sun Valley. But unlike the other days, this one didn’t include any skiing, only a day full of act to relax and entertain weary bodies. A Sunday Funday, if you will.

A lazy morning with an even lazier breakfast gave way to the first activity, Ice skating. Pro athletes, filmers, team managers and photographers all tried their hand at skating. Justin Dorey and Tom Wallisch seemed the clear experts, with Dorey cruising around the ice like some sort of Ice Shark, playing tag with little ones around the rink. Wallisch was busy perfecting his slopestyle run on skates, bagging tricks like 720s, switch 540 and rail slides on the rink sides. Cosco was busy doing his best Blades of Glory impressions, sliding around the ice in beautiful formations like it was no big deal. Pro Photographer Erik Seo even gave it a shot, cig in mouth, of course.

After being thoroughly embarrased on the ice skating rink, the bowling alley was invaded. Two lanes, although it was more like one giant game between nine guys, but there was a caveat. The winner picked his drink of choice and the loser’s punishment shot of choice. The winner, Tom Wallisch. The loser, me. With a shot of Jager for Tom and a shot of 151 for myself, we were on our way to the next activity. And afterwards, a nice, all-American lunch at Apple’s Bar and Grill, a mainstay for locals over at the Warm Springs mountain in Sun Valley. Greasy Food and Big Buck Safari was devoured.

What trip to Sun Valley would be complete without a trip to their natural hot springs? After a burly dirt romp up to them, the glorious hot springs were eagerly greeted by cold and tired bodies. The only problem? There was already more than a few local bros there. No biggie, a male-fest is worth it for these natural, riverside hot springs. And immediately afterwards, an impromptu shooting range was made on the secluded side of the road. Shotguns and revolvers echoed into the cold night air as bathrobe clad shooters too aim on unlucky cans and bottles. A great way to end an evening.

And with that, the Monster Weekend presented by Scott USA is officially over. As I type, bags are being packed, showers are had and last minute travel changes are made. Be sure to check out all the videos from this weekend. Thanks to Scott USA, Monster Energy, Sun Valley and all who made this trip possible.

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