A Monster Jump in Sun Valley

A Monster Jump in Sun Valley

Scott USA and Monster Energy woke the neighborhood up last night in Sun Valley, ID. The centerpiece (centrepiece to Canadians) of the Monster Weekend, Sun Valley and Scott brought in SPT to build a special feature for Ian Cosco, Tom Wallisch and Justin Dorey to session in front of a live audience. Think of it like a skate demo, only colder and with more hangtime. And a lot of Monster.

The SPT boys put up a big time step-down. While step-downs are no big news to anyone, it was the wedge of the jump that had everyone talking. Custom-shaped like the Monster Energy Claw, the athletes had three take-off options. This wasn’t some crappy banner placement build, this was the real deal.

As the light went from day to sunset to full on night time, the three dropped hammers while camera shutters clicked, video tapes (read: hard drives) rolled, people oohed, babies cried, kids awed, Monsters were drank, beats were dropped, sleds were lapping, cats were churning, the world was turning and fun was had by all. Even when a light had to be repositioned, the stalwart crowd put up with the cold and hung out to watch Tom Wallisch do work.

As the lights went out, and the town moved to warmer locations to drink their libations, this unique session went into the Sun Valley books.

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