Monster Energy Invades Squaw Valley: Part II

Monster Energy Invades Squaw Valley: Part II

The last day of Monster De Mayo at Squaw Valley continued under the blessing of sunny skies, no wind and even more Monster team shenanigans. With the public park firing, the music blaring and the custom features being finished (including a channel gap and mini quarter pipes) today was the perfect day to enjoy the end of everyone’s seasons.

Shutters were firing like the shootout days of the old West, video cameras were rolling and sunburns were well on their way.

Luke Van Valin was backflipping his way to glory [as well as taking out a Monster sign with his strapping flare. Peter Olenick was putting on S-rail and handplant clinic. Tom Wallisch threw down every trick known to man in the public park. Sarah and Kristi were 360ing their way to freedom. Jossi Wells got super creative on all the rails. Ian Cosco dropped lawn darts that bordered on insanity. Corey Vanular flared to 180/360/540 off the QP coping. Colby West utilized his transition skill to throw big time flatpins on the QP. TJ Schiller team captained the channel gap and threw rodeos like a rodeo-thrwoing machine built for nothing else.

In short, the team relaxed in the park and did what they do best, slay parks all day long. After a long day and a long evening of shooting, Monster can close the book on another Monster De Mayo team session.

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