Mike Clarke and his new project, Just Passing Thru

Mike Clarke and his new project, Just Passing Thru

As spring slowly rolls into summer, spring shoots to summer camps, skiing will slowly be pushed to the back burner for many. With no competitions, film companies shacked up in dark editing suites and no magazines yet, skiing content drops off sharply… and that is where Mike Clarke steps in. Professional freeskier, full-time film student and international pimp, has created his new venture, Just Passing Thru, to keep you satiated with new and creative ski content.

Check out the blog at www.justpassingthru.tv.

Freeskier: Hi Michael. Tell me about this project you’re working on, Just Passing Thru?
Michael Clarke: Just Passing Thru is a little video project I’ve been cooking up with the help of Blake Kimmel, Jiberish, and Salomon. Our first series is going to be filmed during a three week road trip throughout the entire Northwest as we search for summer snow and fun.

FS: What are some of the stops you’ll be hitting on this road trip?
MC: We have a full itinerary on www.justpassingthru.tv, but the plan is to start and end in Denver. We’ll be doing a big loop as we pass through Copper, Salt Lake, Mt. Hood, Whistler, and Yellowstone National Park. Those are just some highlights on the entire three week adventure.

FS: Who will be accompanying you on this road trip adventure?
MC: We’re starting the trip off with Keri Herman, Blake Kimmel, and myself. John Symms is going to join us in Salt Lake as we venture up towards the Mt. Hood area. There we’ll be spending some time with the likes of Tom Wallisch, Matt Walker, Henrik Harlaut, Mike Hornbeck, and many others. In Canada, we’ll be meeting up with Ian Cosco, Corey Vanular, Justin Dorey, and the entire Whistler crew. Pretty much we’re keeping some open space in the car so we can cycle people in and out throughout the entire drive.

FS: Will this be more of a traditional blog or video-blog or a mixture of medias?
MC: We’re not exactly sure how we’re going to distribute the final series yet, but the plan is to be constantly updating our site with news on our adventures and various behind the scenes video. In terms of the actual video series, expect a “Road Trip Challenge” without the challenges, add in some “Chug Life,” and a little bit of quality skiing action.

FS: That sounds like wholesome fun for all. What was the catalyst behind this project?
MC: Wholesome fun is exactly how I would put it. I came up with the idea for this project after a long season of trying to shoot with Level 1, but constantly being served up bad weather and luck. I thought there had to be another way to shoot skiing that hasn’t been touched upon within our industry. So, as I’m currently going to school for film and photography, I thought it could be fun to start up this little project with my friend Kimmel. By no means do I plan on ending shooting with Level 1 or participating in contests, I just wanted to think of another way to show what skiing is all about to me.

FS: Sounds like an incredible endeavor. Anything else you’d like to touch upon?
MC: Yeah, I’m really excited for the trip to start. I still have an unbelievable amount of work to do before the launch. Just be sure to keep up to date with our adventure by checking out our new website, www.justpassingthru.tv. We’ll be doing tons of updates and even some contests to give away some great gear from our sponsors Jiberish and Salomon.

FS: Incredible. Thanks again and good luck.

Don’t for get to check out www.justpassingthru.tv.

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