Michelle Parker and Red Bull join forces

Michelle Parker and Red Bull join forces

Red Bull, the beverage company that has become synonymous with action sports, has recently added big-mountain ripper Michelle Parker to its illustrious roster of athletes. “The opportunity to represent Red Bull is absolutely incredible,” commented Parker. “The support that they show our sport and the athletes within our sport goes beyond any other company that I can personally think of. It’s an honor to have signed with them and I look forward to growing our relationship as this is only the beginning!”

The 25-year-old Tahoe-resident recently was awarded IF3’s Best Female Performance of the Year, for her shredding in MSP’s Superheroes of Stoke, which recently premiered in Seattle. Having filmed with MSP for seasons, Parker credits her relationship with the film company and Steve Reska (modestly, as she doesn’t mention her incredible skiing ability) with the opportunity to work with Red Bull.

“The relationship came about when Steve Reska moved over from MSP to Red Bull. He has always been a great person to work with. I remember one of my first MSP trips filming for In Deep and Reska told me, ‘You’re just as important to us as any other athlete. If you see something you want to ski, just speak up and we are all over it.’ At the time, I was definitely shy and had never worked with a film crew that made me feel so welcome. Reska has always been supportive and has definitely helped me realize my potential as an athlete. He approached me in the spring, but kept everything a secret from me until I returned from South America and arrived in Seattle for the world premier of Superheroes of Stoke. He picked me up from the airport and handed me a Red Bull hat. I’m fired up.”

Michelle joins American freeskiers Simon Dumont, Bobby Brown, Grete Eliassen, Nick Goepper and Chris Davenport on the Red Bull program. “It’s pretty hard to pin down exactly what I am most excited about with regards to working with Red Bull,” concludes Michelle. “There are so many opportunities to better yourself as an athlete, a creator, a human, the list goes on with Red Bull. I suppose that I am most excited about the endless opportunities they provide. It’s really exciting.” For more information regarding Michelle, check out her website or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Visit redbull.com for more information on the beverage maker.

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