The Meeting

The Meeting

Some see The Meeting as an enormous snowsports film festival, for others it is a gateway to the ski industry, for me it is the best weekend of the year. Aspen/Snowmass held its fifth annual “Meeting” this past weekend. The event proved to be another major success. Days were filled with fun activities such as dirt biking and swimming, while the nights were jam-packed with premiers and parties. Level 1, Matchstick, Nimbus, and Poor Boyz presented their films at the Wheeler Opera House, while Empire and TGR took their features to the Sundeck on the top of Aspen. The films were selling out fast and fans were eager to see what production companies were putting out this year. It is mind-boggling how much skiing has progressed.

Conferences were held daily to express the positives, the concerns, and the future of the ski industry. Pros, agents, media and sponsors were present to give their input in the daily topics. The Meeting is an amazing opportunity to view the top ski and snowboard films for the upcoming season and meet the leaders of the industry. If you missed out this year then make sure you get up to Aspen next time around.

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