Meet The Author, Ski The Lines

Meet The Author, Ski The Lines

Meet The Author, Ski The Lines

Those of you in the know (most of you) will remember a guy named Robb Gaffney. Gaffney, the brother of cinematographer and pro skier Scott, has been described as, “the most talented, top level pro skier in the world that didn’t become a pro skier,” by Shane McConkey. This is due to the fact that not only does the guy rip, but he’s damn smart, too. How smart? PhD smart. Gaffney works in psychiatry, and was willing to set skiing aside to pursue his medical degree. He’s also the author of the tome Squallywood – A Guide to Squaw Valley’s Most Exposed Lines.

The 200-page guide to the most technical lines at Squaw, has been coined “the Squaw Valley bible,” and is largely recognized as the best ski resort guide ever written. Last year Gaffney along with other Squaw icons launched a ‘ski-the-book clinic’. This winter, the clinic returns, providing hard-core skiers and riders with the opportunity to ski the book – with the guy who wrote the book. This year there are two different versions: Squallywood Clinic Light on March 1, and Squallywood Clinic Supersized, a 2-day clinic on March 6 & 7, 2009.

The clinics kick off with the March 1 Squallywood Clinic Light. Held in conjunction with the not-to-be-missed Freeride World Tour stop at Squaw, the “Light” clinic offers skiers the opportunity to see watch history being made on the tantalizing Tram Face on Saturday, during the Nissan Tram Face, which features the permanently closed Tram Face as a venue, and learn how to ski Squaw Valley’s infamous lines with the guy who wrote the book on how-to-ski Squaw Valley’s gnarliest lines on Sunday.

If you sign up for Sunday’s clinic, you’ll get to tour and ski the most photographed and filmed areas of the mountain as well as Squaw’s secret nooks and crannies. Participants will do everything from laying a few gentle turns down an open slope, jumping rocks, skiing 40 degree slopes, or attempting to ski out a 60 degree wall. To top off the experience, you’ll get the opportunity to share a few runs with some of the rock stars that have made their careers at Squaw. Get some pictures with them. Pick their brains. Try to keep up. Show them what you’ve got. Or simply watch them ski.

The second installment is the The Squallywood Clinic Supersized, that runs from March 6th and 7th. It’s a beefed up, two day version of the one day clinic and has been described as the “fantasy island” of the skiing and snowboarding world, immersing participants in a real life film and photo shoot. On the first day we will take a few runs to let the group get to know each other before we set off to our filming location. After a few hours of filming, we will be joined by some of the pros and cameramen who began their careers at Squaw Valley. While they ride side by side with you, they will film with you, they’ll give you tips on how to choose a line, how to ski for the camera, and how to talk smack to your friends while on the mountain. Day 2 features wild terrain you have never seen before – and may have never wanted to see before. You will finish the day realizing how extensive Squaw Valley’s terrain truly is. When our legs are shot, we’ll head to the bar and watch ourselves in our own movie and slide show pieced together by our photographer, Jason Abraham and filmmaker, Duane Kubischta. Take the DVD home and show your friends and family your experience!

According to Gaffney, “believe the hype!” You can read testimonials from last season’s Squallywood clinics: www.squallywoodthebook.com/squallywood-testimonials.php

Expert skiers and riders who are interested in signing up for the Squallywood Clinic should log on to www.squallywood.com or send an email to [email protected]. Gaffney’s book, Squallywood can be purchased online at www.squallywoodthebook.com.

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