Mandatory Huck with Shroder Baker

Mandatory Huck with Shroder Baker

This story originally ran in the November 2008 issue of Freeskier (V11.3).

Photo: Jay Michelfelder/TGR

Shroder Baker recalled by Jay Michelfelder

Shroder showed up that morning at Jackson Hole with something to prove. He’s a quiet guy, but you could tell he was on a mission when he arrived for early ups on the gondola. Apparently, someone had called him out the day before for being ‘just a powder skier.’ So he decided he needed to up the ante with something gnarly for his TGR segment. This cliff is well over 90ft and no, he didn’t ski away. He caught a gusting headwind on the way down and landed on his back. But guess what, nobody skis away from their huge cliff hucks these days. Landing on your back is the new landing on your feet.

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