Mammoth Gets a Ton of Snow…have you heard?

Mammoth Gets a Ton of Snow…have you heard?

Mammoth Mountain has racked up 92.5 inches of snow since Sunday (1/17) night.

If you are like all of us at Freeskier you don’t live in California and you are jealous to the point of rage. But we have a journalistic responsibility to report the news…and like it or not Mammoth getting nearly 8 feet of snow in less than 5 days is news. On top of that the Mammoth crew sent us pics of Chris Benchetler, Dylan Hood and Eric Pollard shredding the deep goodness. Do you remember how this feels? Skiiing pow with your buddies?

Yeah we do to. How about this feeling, when the snow is so deep that you really can’t see where you are going. We call those “face shots.” Here’s Benchetler demonstrating the concept.

And Dylan Hood getting that shot with the Go Pro on. When do we get to see that footy? Nevermind, we don’t really want to see it right now.

And last buy not least, December coverboy and artist Eric Pollard getting his.

And that’s it for the reporting of the news. Harvey just sent me a message saying it’s time to do some shots. I guess we are on a mission to drink it white? Please Mother Nature, send the love our way. And congrats to Mammoth, Chris Benchetler, Dylan Hood and Eric Pollard. We are stoked for you guys, and glad to see that you are taking full advantage of all that snow. If you live in the area and haven’t been to Mammoth, shame on you.

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