Make sure you’re prepared for winter travel!

Make sure you’re prepared for winter travel!

Just as a reminder to everyone, when you’re going out for some winter travel always be prepared for the worst! Here in Colorado, the roads (particularly the passes and I-70) have the habit of closing leaving you stranded in a foreign place or even worse on the side of the road.

Take this morning as an example. I opted to stay the night in Breckenridge rather than deal with the traffic and snowfall last night and drive back home in the morning. Typically, Breckenridge to Boulder is around 1:45 if you obey all posted speed limits. However, due to some avalanche control I was stuck on I-70 before the Eisenhower tunnel for almost two hours. Turns out during the avy control a substantial slide occurred that washed over all six lanes of traffic! CODOT (Colorado Department of Transit) then dug the highway out and transported the snow away.

Being stuck on the highway for almost two hours is a minor inconvenience that you just have to deal with. Remember, it can get much worse! Last week the highway was completely closed and left over 2,000 people stranded in Summit County due to high winds, dangerous driving conditions and whiteout snow. The Red Cross opened up temporary shelters and gave folks a warm place to sleep for the evening. Just remember to always be prepared. Here are a couple of tips to live by when you’re headed out this winter…

  • Always have a full tank! The last thing you need is to be stuck on the road, in traffic or during a temporary road closure and not have enough gas!
  • Emergency road kits are a must.
  • Charge up your cellphone!
  • Keep some warm clothes in your car in the event that you are without heat and are stranded.
  • Have a good car battery! Nothing is worse than having a bunk car battery. When it is cold out a bum battery is less likely to provide your car the juice it needs to start up in the morning!
  • Get snow tires! Driving with snow tires is night and day compared to all season tires. Sites like TireRack.com have great deals on tire and wheel sets for your ride!
  • Wear a seatbelt. That should go without saying, you’d just be surprised how many people don’t wear one!
  • Go SLOW!
  • Have a great season and be safe out there!

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