Local Beta: Sean Pettit gives a rundown of the best spots in Whistler

Local Beta: Sean Pettit gives a rundown of the best spots in Whistler

Sean Pettit has called Whistler, BC home since he was seven years old; he knows the town and the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort better than almost anyone. When he’s not busy filming elsewhere on the globe, you can usually find Pettit downing drinks and poutine at El Furniture Warehouse, relaxing at the Scandinave Spa, sending any of WB’s radical, plentiful natural hits, and just having a darn good time in general. After all, he is the King of Fun. We caught up with Pettit to get the inside scoop on all of the best spots in Whistler.

Pettit’s Whistler tips:

Best ski shop:
Fanatyk Co. will set you up with skis, boots and bindings. And, if you are looking to get your skis mounted up, they do accept beer in exchange for a ski mount or wax job. If you’re nice…

Best breakfast spot:
Best breakfast is Elements. It might be hard to find, but it’s a classy place to start off your day with the best bennies in town and french toast stuffed with brie cheese and ham. Every meal comes with a shot of smoothie too.

Best lunch:
El Furniture Warehouse. Everything on the menu is $4.95, so just about anything tastes good for a deal like that, especially when it’s being served to you by some good lookin’ girls. By good, I mean fuckin’ great. They have a really good pulled chicken sandwich, tasty beef dip (side poutine is always necessary), and there is a monthly specials menu that is always filled with goodness and surprises.

Best après:
Can’t beat the Longhorn Saloon’s aprés; nachos and brewskis, and a massive patio that gets that afternoon sun comin’ down on it. Lots of pretty ladies workin’ there too.


Photo courtesy of David McColm/Whistler Blackcomb

Best dinner:
Not much beats Sushi Village for a dinner out on the town. If you show up to Sushi Village sober, do not expect to walk out sober. In fact, it won’t happen. It’s a Japanese sushi place and they keep it traditional; you will take off your shoes if you’re sitting in one of the back booths. You must get a pitcher of the strawberry sake margarita and some hot sake. Spicy Agedashi Tofu is a must have. I’ve tried to get the recipe for the sauce many, many times but they won’t give it up. It’s that good. And don’t worry about being loud, they’re used to it, because we are there all the time.

Best meal under $5:
Of course the best meal under $5 is at the El Furniture Warehouse, like I mentioned before. It’s not just one meal though, it’s everything on the menu.

Must-do activity in Whistler:
Well, all the best winter activities revolve around skiing and boarding. So if you’re not heading up Whistler/Blackcomb, tap into your budgets and go out heli-skiing or snowmobiling. The mountains are endless around Whistler. And after a day of beatin’ up your body, nothing is better than a soak at the Scandinave Spa. The eucalyptus steam room is off the hook. If you show up to Whistler after some of the snow has melted, [there’s a] really fun skatepark. Followed up by a handful of the coolest lakes with grassy beaches that surround this place.

Best coffee shop:
Mt.Currie Coffee Co. is for sure the best coffee joint in town. A local business that started in Pemberton, British Columbia and recently opened up in Whistler. A Canadiano is a latté with pure maple syrup in it. Mmmm.

Best off-hill antics:
Throw an axe at a tree. Ask Josh Bibby for one of his 400 axes he has specifically for throwing at trees.

Best night life:
If you’re lookin’ for an underground club style experience, then Garfinkel’s is for you. Loud music, the D floor, and the back bar are where all of the cool ass dudes hang out, hoping that the girls will flock to them.

Best music venue:
Best music venue would have to be Garf’s, as well. It has a big enough stage that you can see it from just about anywhere in the bar.

Best beer:
You must try the Grapefruit Ale by Whistler Brewing.

Best line at Whistler:
The best run would be the new Crystal Chair hit runs. They’re always a good time.

Easiest place to pick up a girl:
The funny thing is that you can pick up a girl anywhere in Whistler. Seriously. Anywhere.

Best hotel or place to stay:
The Westin. They have all the hotel amenities that you want in a hotel living experience.

Best place to meet Sean Pettit:
The Scandinave Spa, ’cause I’ll be naked. And, if you don’t catch me with my dick out there, you will see me with it out at El Furniture Warehouse while I’m snackin’ on a poutine.

Worst place to meet Sean Pettit:
At any bar past midnight; I probably won’t remember your name.

Cheapest liquor store:
There is no cheap liquor store. Liquor is just expensive in BC. There’s no way around it.


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