LOCAL BETA: Parker White’s favorite Montanan watering holes

LOCAL BETA: Parker White’s favorite Montanan watering holes


Local Beta is a column that looks into pro skiers’ favorite spots all around the world. Whether it be a ski resort, a major city or a collection of Montanan bars, it’s all covered.

Name: Parker White
Age: 25
Hometown: Dorset, Vermont
Current town: Bozeman, Montana
Home Mountain: Bromley, Vermont
Current mountain of choice: Not really anywhere in particular

With rings on his fingers, a mustache on his face and a Modelo in his hand, big-mountain skiing boss-dog Parker White racks up the pool table. Knowing that he’s not at some bullsh#t craft cocktail bar in a cluttered city makes him grin; he prefers places that are rugged and down to Earth. And fortunately in Montana, where White currently resides, there are plenty of those. Maybe that’s why he lives there. Or maybe it’s because he can easily access top-notch backcountry terrain while staying far away from the crowds every winter. But, no matter the case, he’s decided to share five of those Montanan watering holes with you today.

Don’t know much about Parker? Check out his work with “The Big Picture” a video series he’s put together in collaboration with some of skiing’s best talent. And to stay up to date with their happenings, follow them on Instagram.


Bar #1: Sir Scott’s Oasis


Greetings from Parker in Manhattan, Montana.

Location: Go to Manhattan, Montana. Ya can’t miss it.
Why I dig it: Cheap steak fingers, cowboys and mullets.
Best memory: My brother playing Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places” on the jukebox like a complete idiot. (Listen below if your ears can handle it.)
One memory I don’t have: I don’t remember.


Bar #2: The Scoop


Standing proudly outside of The Scoop.


Rack ’em up, bud.

Location: South side of Main street in Bozeman—between 7th and 8th.
Why I dig this bar: $2.75 pitchers of PBR on Fridays.
Best memory: Rippin’ a kickflip in the bar. Also, being harassed by the middle-aged female bartender who wanted me to drink a pint glass of whiskey medley on my 21st birthday.
Memory I don’t think anyone has: A health inspector visitation.


Bar #3: Miners Saloon

FullSizeRender-4 (1)

Parker’s favorite White Russian-maker, Josh.

Location: Go to Cooke City, Montana. Ya can’t miss it.
Why I dig this bar: You can ride your snowmobile right to it and the White Russians from Josh are just phenomenal. (See photo above.)
Best memory: Watching a chick go full topless and assault Tanner Rainville in the middle of a dinner rush.
One memory I don’t have: A bad time.


Bar #4: Colonel Blacks


Parker giving a pretty smile in his favorite Montanan bar bathroom.

Location: Underground on the corner of Main street and Rouse in Bozeman.
Why I dig this bar: Full carpet slash anarchist bathroom scene. (See photo above.)
Best memory: “Fight for your right to party” karaoke experience.
Memory I don’t have: Fresh air.


Bar #5: The Cannery


The Cannery’s staff’ll treat you—and themselves—well.


The best dang bar sign in Montana.

Location: Next to Erotique in Bozeman.
Why I dig this bar: Friendly bartenders, which means stiff drinks at cheap prices. That, and “Progress has gone far enough.” (See photo above.)
Best memory: A non-disclosed friend relieving himself at the bar unnoticed.
One memory I don’t have: A watered-down drink.

There you have it: the best damn bars in Montana, as told by the hilarious and talented Parker White. Go check ’em out, buy Parker some drinks and enjoy the Wild West the right way.

We’ll leave you with this: 11 minutes of Parker and company shredding powder mercilessly.

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