A Little Overdue

A Little Overdue

The X Games happened a week ago, and I neglected to fill everyone in with all the craziness going on there. I was hoping I would have some sick pictures to share, but if you ever met me you would know that I am terrible with taking pictures… not just of me, but of anything and everything.

Anyway, the week was ridiculous as you have all heard already. Ski Pipe kicked off with a shocker when Xavier Bertoni completely killed it every run. I was lucky enough to be on headset in at the very top of the pipe- looking all official and important. It’s so nice to see how much more relaxed and friendly these competitors are with each other than how ski racers are. Women’s pipe was also great to watch with the gorgeous Sarah Burke owning like always.

As the weather rolled in it became apparent that Slopestyle could potentially be cancelled. The fog and immense amount of snow was an issue for the cameras, and a safety hazard for the skiers. Still, everyone pushed through and it cleared enough to send them. Burke had a nasty crash on the last hit that made even the toughest cringe. The guys competition was so strong with TJ Schiller coming back from last years injured season and taking the gold.

Anyway, I’m assuming everyone has heard the results. I have to say though, it’s a completely different world standing at the top of the courses with the athletes, rather than down below in the crowd or on television. The week was nuts, I think I had a hangover that lasted several days thanks to a big concert at Belly Up and then the kids over at the Monster house. By far one of the best X Games I’ve attended, and I can’t wait for the next!

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