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LDM showcases Switzerland’s primary exports: Immaculate skiing and love

Laurent De Martin, or “LDM” as he’s known in the industry, has been stamping his own mark on the world of the skiing over the past several years. After being an explosive semi-finalist in Level 1’s annual Super Unknown competition, LDM was an easy invite for Josh Berman and his film crew as they completed their past three feature films, Habit, Zig Zag, and Romance. Offering a wholesome style that carries from the streets to big mountains, the Swiss native is one of the most prolific members of an ever-growing club of incredibly well-rounded skiers tackling multiple disciplines with ease.

With all the traveling LDM has done in recent years, it was time that he showcased the untamed skiing of his homeland, Switzerland, which was the catalyst for his latest movie, “From Switzerland With Love.” With the likes of Will Berman, Lucas Wachs, Remco Kayser, Thibault Magnin, Sampo Vallotton and Valentin Morel tearing it up on the sticks, as well as snowboarders Mathieu Schaer and Fred Couderc, this movie showcases one of the smoothest gangs of riders we’ve ever witnessed. Bringing good friends to explore an area you know well is a great feeling that many skiers can relate to—and it’s not hard to imagine how stoked LDM must have been to explore his native turf with good friends. Consistent with Laurent’s diverse ski ability, the styles and skills of everyone in the crew are put on display here as they tear up monster urban and park hits as well as alpine lines.

SKIER: Remco Kayser | PHOTO: Ruedi Flueck
SKIER: Will Berman | PHOTO: Ruedi Flueck

While the riding is obviously the focal point of any ski movie, the incredible snow sliding in “FSWL” is perfectly complimented by the talented film and editing work, as the whole flick is beautifully directed by Titouan Bessire. Everything, from the subtile transitions to camera work and the impeccable soundtrack, make for a beautifully flowing work of art.

Overall, I couldn’t help but admire the determination of Laurent and his amigos. Whether it was touring up into the Alps at the Swiss-French border, building mountainous jumps and features, hiking up try after try, or just making the most of the summer in face of mountain COVID obstacles, this crew put in some serious work and got some serious results. After watching and writing about so many different skiers and their responses to this crazy year, it is so inspiring to see our ski community being resilient, compassionate and determined in every imaginable way. Big respect to LDM for being a top tier conductor in this project and hats off to all involved. I could feel the love from half way across the world!

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