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Laurent De Martin and Level 1 demonstrate the art of refinment in ‘Simply’

More often than not, it’s easy to go overboard when we have so much at our fingertips. More editing, more angles, and bigger airs are an open option in this age of expansion. In skiing, whether it’s the technology of capturing or riding, everything is progressing. This progress has a multitude of pros, but can also lead us away from more purified aspects of the craft. In “Simply”, Laurent De Martin made sure to keep things as dialed as possible. With the help of the fine folks over at Level 1, the Swiss-born skier was able to cook up quite masterpiece. It turns out that refined is the new flashy.

This is the second major project from LDM, with his previous work, “From Switzerland with Love“, drawing eyes from around the globe last year. Both films share a beautiful knack for looking into what is behind the skiing itself, and immersing the viewer into the world that these skiers, (and boarders), call home. And there’s certainly plenty of this home to explore. The flying French snowboarder Victor Daviet, along with Alex Chabod, Basile Bessire, and Fred Couderc all are given the opportunity to showcase their crafts and perspectives on the snow. With all these talented riders showing what they got, you would think things would get out of hand. Truthfully, while it looks like each could take on bigger lines and take a jump 10 feet higher, each keeps it refined, and blends their own style seamlessly with the group.

Titouan Bessire is the talented director who took on both of these projects. The style that he brings behind the lens matches perfectly with LDM’s smooth flowing take on the mountain, and hopefully these two are far from done when it comes to collaborations. With Laurent recently celebrating his 30th birthday, it would appear that more power skiing is on the horizon. And if it’s done this beautifully, who could complain? A huge thank you to the big man LDM for dedicated so much of his life to benefiting the sport of skiing with his unique style and unrelenting smile.

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