KT Tape: Two Weeks Later

KT Tape: Two Weeks Later

This is my second update in my battle to rid my self of jumpers knee (patellar tendinitis) using KT Tape. The first update is right here, if you want to dive back and give it a read.

Ok, it’s been two weeks the KT Tape and I am happy to report that things are turning around. The soreness in my knee is just about gone, I’ve laid off taking any NSAID’s and my knee felt much better while skiing this past weekend.

My first application of the tape lasted over a week without peeling off, looking ratty or just getting nasty in general. The only problem I had was taking the damn stuff off. Since KT Tape stretches an absurd amount, when you pull it off it tends to take a fair share of your leg hair with it. Ladies, this won’t be an issue for you (hopefully), fellas you may want to buzz it down a little bit before you go wrapping your extremities in the stuff. It makes re-applying much easier.

Hopefully, another couple of weeks and this dreaded case of jumpers knee will be a distant memory.

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