Kristi Leskinen joins ABC Primetime on “Superstars”

Kristi Leskinen joins ABC Primetime on “Superstars”

Kristi Leskinen selected as one of the top athletes joining celebrities on ABC’s Primetime “Superstars” Championship

Eight athletes and eight celebrities will team up to compete for the title of “The Superstars Champion” a new alternative series on ABC shot entirely on location at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. The show is a fresh take on an old favorite, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports”, which pitted athletes against eachother in different disciplines to determine who was the best athlete in the world. This time around celebrities will have a chance to show their skills or lack thereof.

The “Superstars” pairs athletes with celebrities to compete in various sports events. Partcipants found out only once they arrived at Atlantis resort in the Bahamas who they were going to partnered with throughout the competition. “Superstars” will air the first of six episodes on June 23rd primetime between 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST on ABC.

The team pairings for “Superstars” will be Terrell Owens & Joanna Krupa; Jeff Kent & Ali Landry; Robert Horry & Estella Warren; Bode Miller & Paige Hemmis; Kristi Leskinen & Maksim Chmerkovskiy; Lisa Leslie & Dan Cortese; Jennifer Capriati & David Charvet; and Brandi Chastain & Julio Iglesias, Jr.

Every week a team will be eliminated until one team standing is crowned the winner. Athletes prowess and strategy will be put to the test to excel in a variety of sports including swimming, biking, runnning, kayaking and a series of random head-to-head challenges all participants must try to complete. Past winners of the competition include Herschel Walker, Decathlete Dave Johnson, and returning athlete Bode Miller who won in 2002.

Kristi is excited to be part of this show and is honoured to be the sole representative from the world of Freeskiing. Sorry boys her looks and longevity in the sport have lined her up for this opportunity but don’t worry, keep going big and changing your haircut and chances to do fun and exciting shows like this might come your way……..

This is not the first time Kristi has been chosen by the media moguls to represent Women’s Freeskiing, earlier this year ESPN chose her to be part of a similar format where celebrity athletes went to a race and were asked by ESPN to be comentators. Kristi said, ” I know people are going to make fun of me for this but actually once you are there around all the action and incredible cars, its actually kind of cool”. Let’s face it as scary as it is NASCAR is huge and what a great opportunity for her to branch out and settle in as an ambassador for the sport.

So stay tuned to ABC on June 23rd at 8:00 pm EST and see how Kristi & Maksim do in the competition. It will be hot and competitive surely from fellow skier on the World Cup side of things, Bode Miller.

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