Kristi Leskinen, freestyle skier and soap opera fanatic?

Kristi Leskinen, freestyle skier and soap opera fanatic?

Freestyle skier, California resident and pinup girl Kristi Leskinen is now appearing on television sets nationwide, however she’s not wearing any skis. As a matter of fact, there isn’t a flake of snow in the commercial!

Apparently, the folks at General Hospital got a whiff that she was a bigtime fan of the show and have placed her in ads plugging the 45th season of the show.

According to the propaganda commercial, “Everybody’s Got Their Something”. What I’m willing to bet is that Kristi now has a fat check.

Be on the lookout for Kristi’s future career in trailblazing.

What’s next for pro skiers? They seem to be infiltrating television and mainstream media. Could rapping and acting be in the future for them? All signs most certainly point to yes.

Hey, if 50 could do it.

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