Kevin Rolland Wins X Games 15 Men’s Superpipe

Kevin Rolland Wins X Games 15 Men’s Superpipe


Kevin Rolland

The Flying Frenchman, Kevin Rolland, has gone and done it again. Rolland has repeated Winter X Games Superpipe gold tonight, besting a world-class field of competitors. But despite Rolland's gold medal performance, something tells me the story of the night is 15-year-old Torin "Tater Tot" Yater-Wallace taking silver in front of a hometown crowd. And quintessential Superpipe contender Simon Dumont rounded out the podium with a magical performance in the stunt ditch tonight. The top three runs:

Kevin Rolland: Pipe double flip 900, alley-oop flatpsin 360, switch 900, switch right 720 and double cork 1260.

Torin Yater-Wallace: 900, alley-oop flatspin 540, corked 1260, left 900, 540, alley-oop double flatspin 900.

Simon Dumont: Double cork 1260, right 900, pipe double flip 900, alley-oop 720, switch 1080.


Simon Dumont, living large.

Rolland's run, almost a copy of his 2010 winning run, fell his previous two attempts in the night. With everything on the linen, Kevin put down the run he was looking for. The Tater Tot, who was in his first X Games, wowed the audience with his massive airs and last hit double flip. With the largest cheering section, Torin didn't disappoint. The Dumont, who had the largest airs of the evening, was blowing the roof off of Aspen. His pipe double 900 mid-pipe was easily 20+ feet out of the pipe.


Torin Yater-Wallace dropping that 900.

Steadily climbing the ranks of the X Games Superpipe finals was Duncan Adams. His best performance in the finals of the past three years, Adams alley oop 360, switch 540s and 720s were favored heavily by the judges. Thomas Krief, the newest member of the French contingent, dropped two double flips in his run, but was lacking a bit in the ol' grab department, keeping the youngster in fifth.


Torin "Tater Tot" Yater-Wallace's fans.


The cutest photo you'll ever see.

Justin "Bone-saw" Dorey was rolling the dice tonight. Putting in the alley-oop flatpsin 720 mid-run was a bold move, but Dorey — unafraid — attacked the pipe with gusto. Unfortunately, he couldn't land a clean run, ending his X Games medal bid a mere three places short. 

David Wise in his first X Games final couldn't quite keep it together. Falling on his first run alley-oop flatpsin 360, second run right 900 and third run double cork 1260, Wise will have to wait another 12 months for his chance at X Games glory… or Europe in March. 2009 X Games gold medalist Xavier Bertoni looked off from his normal self, going down on all three runs, putting him at the end of the pack tonight. Better luck next time for Bertoni.


Kevin Rolland. Alley-oop flatspin 360.

Bookended by pipe veterans, young Torin Tater Tot has officially become the "it" pipe skier. But how will he affect the AFP list? Where will he sit? Will Simon overtake Noah Bowman for number one? Will David Wise creep up there? Check out the AFP Current Rankings page to find out.

This concludes the Superpipe portion of the X Games, now we can look forward to Bobby Brown Teen Heartthrob, Russ Henshaw and co. take on the slopestyle and big air venues tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Toein Yater-Wallace

Men's Superpipe Finals:
1. Kevin Rolland — 93.66
2. Torin Yater-Wallace — 92.66
3. Simon Dumont — 90.33
4. Duncan Adams — 86.00
5. Thomas Krief — 83.33
6. Justin Dorey — 65.33
7. David Wise — 56.66
8. Xavier Bertoni — 40.66 
Simon's double cork 1260 is pretty small. Not.

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