Keri Herman Qualifies first in Dew Tour Slopestyle

Keri Herman Qualifies first in Dew Tour Slopestyle


Despite all the hubbub and commotion going on at the Superpipe this morning, there was still work to be done at the Slopestyle course today. In even snowier and windier conditions, the women had to compete in their preliminary rounds. As with women's superpipe, the slopestyle folks only took the top six, but due to a number of drop outs, the qualifying field was drawn from a mere 13 competitors. And due to the dangerous conditions today, the last two jumps were closed for the women, leaving the top two rails, first two jumps and the middle rail open for judging. When it was all said and done, Breckenridge's own Keri Herman took the top seed this afternoon.


Most girls opted to disaster the Burlington rail, rather than hit the closeout to drop or slide the dub kink (Devin Logan was the only to slide the entire dub-kink). The jumps are there the women were separated from the girls, with Herman leading the charge with a switch 540 and cork 360. Jessica Warll threw a 360 shifty to flatspin 360, while newcomer Emma Dahlström pulled out her cork 720 on the first hit. A number of ladies threw two 360s, more of a safety maneuver than a strategy, as today's conditions were more than trying.

With hopes of a brighter (and less snowy) future, the top six women rest up for tomorrow afternoon's finals. Can Keri repeat her performance and take the big W? Will newcomers Dahlström or Warll upset and make a name for themselves? Only time will tell. Check back tomorrow night for a full recap from the women's event.


Women's Prelims Results:
1. Keri Herman — 96.67
2. Jess Warll — 95.00
3. Devin Logan — 93.00
4. Emma Dahlström — 87.00
5. Ashley Battersby — 85.33
6. Eveline Bhend — 75.00
– – – Cut Off – – –
7. Kim Lamarre — 68.33
8. Meg Olenick — 64.83
9. Shanny Cohen — 58.50
T-10. Dania Assaly — 54.17
T-10. Emilia Wint — 54.17
12. Grete Eliassen — 49.50
13. Erica Durtschi — 41.00

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