Keep up with Active Junky

Keep up with Active Junky

These days, in order to be hip, you have to know what’s going on. What’s the latest gear, the newest travel destination, the up-and-coming thing. Now, in addition to your Facebook, twitter, and freeskier account, you can also subscribe to Active Junky to stay informed! Active Junky is a free email publication that keeps subscribers in the know on new ways to stay active, sick new gear, adventure travel and events. Just sign up and you’ll get a couple emails a week that will tell you what’s up in the world of outdoor active awesomeness. They have written some great articles on river surfing in Jackson Hole, mountain boarding at your local ski area, “super badass” films from Matchstick and a dude that will make you custom skis for $333!

Sign up and they will also hook you up with discounts to online retailers, automatically enter you for giveaways, plus much more!

Check it out and sign up. It’s free people!

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