Kaya Turski wins 6th straight X Games gold at Euro X Slopestyle

Kaya Turski wins 6th straight X Games gold at Euro X Slopestyle

Well, she's done it again. The golden girl Kaya Turski has taken home her third straight gold medal at Winter X Europe in women's slopestyle. And today's gold medal also marks her sixth straight X Games gold medal, with the other three coming from Winter X Games in Aspen, CO. With today's win, Kaya also remains perfect this season, winning everything she's entered. "It definitely means a lot to me to win two X Games medals this year," Kaya said, "I hope to keep it up."


The ladies at the press conference: Dara Howell, Kaya Turski, Anna Segal

Kaya edged out fellow X Games gold medalist Anna Segal, who took home the gold the only year that Kaya didn't, in 2009. And rounding out the podium was young Canadian Dara Howell who took the bronze medal during her first Winter X Europe appearance. "I'm so excited," Howell said, "I wanted to podium and it worked out." Dara, who's only 17, was the youngest competitor in the women's slopestyle field.


Kaya Turski warming her switch 450 up with this switch 270.

Kaya, who found herself in second place after one run, took the lead with a commanding second run. She started off with a switch 450 disaster on the flat-down box. She then 360'd on to the snow box where she went for the down rail, with a blind 270 out. Her jump line consisted of a 540 to switch leftside 360 to switch 720. On the final feature, Kaya got on the rainbow rail switch with a 270 off. Completed with the fluidity and style that we've come to expect, Turski earned herself a victory lap where she put down a switch 1080. While it wasn't her highest scoring run, she was still happy to throw it. "It wasn't the prettiest," Turski said, "but I got it to my feet."

Anna Segal started things off with a 270 disaster then she hopped on the snow box and slid the down rail, 270ing out. She then moved into a lofty switch 540. After that, her bread and butter, a rightside 720 to leftside cork 720. She then cleaned the flat to gap rail, the only female competitor to try their hand at the feature. Dara Howell was less technical on rails, but more technical on the jumps than both ladies ahead of her. She went forward-on-forward-off on both the flat-down box and down box. But then she put down a picture perfect cork 720, rodeo 540 and switch 540. She ended her run on the rainbow rail which she 270'd out of.


Eveline Bhend rodeos her way down the second jump.

While the top three ladies get all the attention, the rest of the competitive field deserves kudos. As the level of women's progression steadily increases, today's contest was a treat for the spectators. Winter X Games 16 silver medalist Devin Logan narrowly missed out on another X medal, but not without a fight. The Vermont native dropped the rail trickery of the day with a 180 to switch 50-50, to 90-swap to 270 out on the flat-down box. Her cork 720 to rodeo 540 combo wasn't too shabby either. Newcomer Emilia Wint has been lighting it up lately and today was no exception. The Breck rider was putting down solid 720 and 900 mutes all day long.


The down rail gets some work done on it.

Eveline Bhend didn't want to be left out of the party as the young European rider was misty 720 and rodeo 540ing her way down the course. Ashley Battersby had her switch 900 game on point this afternoon. Keri Herman was her usual switch spinning, stylish self, and the only girl to 450 out of the rainbow rail. Rose Battersby put down dual rightside 360s and left 720. And Tiril Christiansen, who was an alternate at the start of the day, didn't disappoint, with some nice trickery that included a switch 540 and 720, doing her best to keep up with the ladies.

With the conclusion of the women's slopestyle, the skiing events at Winter X Europe from Tignes, France are one-quarter over. After today's men's qualifers went down (with Tom Wallisch taking the top spot), they will take to the slope course tomorrow. With Wallisch build upon his already impressive season? Will Nick Goepper overtake Tom? Can newcomer Joss Christensen take a podium spot? Tomorrow will reveal all. Stay tuned from more, from the heart of the Alps.

_l8j0127.jpgFinal results:
1_ Kaya Turski – 92.66
2_ Anna Segal – 91.00
3_ Dara Howell – 89.66
4_ Devin Logan – 88.00
5_ Emilia Wint – 87.00
6_ Eveline Bhend – 84.33
7_ Ashley Battersby – 81.33
8_ Keri Herman – 78.00
9_ Rose Battersby – 77.33
10_ Tiril Christiansen – 66.33

Undoubtedly this will increase Kaya Turski's AFP Slopestyle ranking, but what about the rest of the field? Head on over to the AFP World Rankings page to see the damage.


Emilia Wint brought her 720 talents to Tignes for the week.



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