Just Passing Thru Drops Trailer; World Rejoices

Just Passing Thru Drops Trailer; World Rejoices

Just Passing Thru, brainchild of Mike Clarke and Blake Kimmel, has completed its first trip and is now dropping their first trailer. We caught up with Mike Clarke for a brief Q&A about the trailer and what’s next.

Freeskier: You just just dropped your first ever trailer, how does it feel?
Mike Clarke: it’s been a busy sumer since we finished our inaugural Just Passing Thru trip. the editing process has been a lengthy one, but everything is finally coming together. The first episode is almost ready for public viewing and we just got the trailer up on our site. it feels great to finally see some things materializing from all the hard work that blake and i have been putting into this project.

FS: That’s great. So I’ve heard there will be a DVD in addition to the first episode… can you explain a bit more?
MC: This first episode will have an online thirty-minute broadcast version, which will be viewable on our website. In addition to this, we will also be offering a DVD that will feature an extended version of the show with other bonus trinkets from the trip. In addition to our own content, the DVD will also offer high resolution versions of all Jiberish Chapters from the 2008-2009 season and some other premium content.

FS: A two-tiered system should work nicely. What are the upcoming plans for Just Passing Thru?
MC: This coming season we plan to produce a series of Just Passing Thru episodes that feature an intimate look into the lives and travels of selected skiers. We’ll plan ambitious trips to a variety of locations that will feature tight-knit travel groups with rotating rosters. Currently we’re organizing a trip to the UK that will follow Matt Walker, Tom Wallisch and myself as we explore the London Freeze competition, dry-slope ski surfaces, indoor skiing, and everything in between.

FS: Sounds like Just Passing Thru is its way up. Any other special plans JPT fans should be aware of?
MC: I’d say just keep checking in on our site. I know it’s been somewhat dead as of late, but with temperatures starting to drop, and the ski season approaching, there should be plenty of different things to check out over at justpassingthru.tv in the near future. Some of our ideas and trips for the coming season should be a lot of fun for us to produce, as well as follow along with. I’m excited for the season to come around; it should be a good one!

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