Jump Shaping Begins for the North American Open!

Jump Shaping Begins for the North American Open!

Words and photos from Jon Olsson

Well after I last posted I have flown from Spokane to Denver (I think one of the girls working in check-in liked me as she gave me a nice big seat upfront!)

Right now I am staying at Simons place and yesterday I began to reshape the park in Breck for the North American Open. Its great to do it at Breck as they have such a good park to start out with!

I love snowcats!

But in order to get a jump perfect you need to give it some love, some shovel love!, I always build transitions by hand as I think that it give a better result, but I think it was a bad idea to go to the gym before shaping, the shovel seemed heavy!

But I am a perfectionist so I will not quit until this park is 100%!
Now when I know that the blog is working again we will give full speed with real videoblog, I will put Crill to work!

Register for the NAO Online

Half Pipe: $100.00
Slope Style: $100.00
Both Half Pipe and Slope Style: $175.00
Click here to register online!

For more information on the North American Open, including the schedule, lodging information and more CLICK HERE!

The NAO Explained


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