Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 7

Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 7

Amongst a picturesque Swedish sunset, Day (or evening, rather) 7 of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions captivated the hearts of a the residents of Are, Sweden. Although a few riders took some time to shoot lifestyle and rest up for the remaining days left in the contest, the standards were set, once again. With some questionable weather looming, organizers decided to re-visit the Cross Experiment jump — a doubles aerial style booter at the base of the mountain.

There was a fine mix of slow, stylish tricks for the photographers, as well as mind blowing spins and flips for the video guys. Every one of the six athletes today dropped a double flip or double cork tonight: Jacob Wester and his Double flip 1080s, Henrik Harlaut’s switch double cork 1080, Colby West’s layed out double backies, Oscar Scherlin’s Kangaroo flip 1080s, and Andreas Hatveit’s switch double front fulls. With such a lovely sunset, dope beats from the DJ, and good vibes, it was no wonder that the session went so well. Even announcer Luke Van Valin was feeling it, throwing backflips WHILE announcing, much to the crowd’s amusement.

With the possibility of some inclement weather on the horizon, it’s unsure what will be on the plate for tomorrow. Make sure to check back tomorrow for all the action.

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