Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 5

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 5

The Jon Olsson Super Sessions ski-extravaganza-party-time is still in Trysil, Norway and it’s still cloudy during the day. But that’s ok because it’s not cloudy at night and that is exactly when the boys slayed it tonight on the Trick Buster again. You’d think that hitting one feature would get a little monotonous, like a marriage, but when your marriage is built by Jon Olsson and his team of jump building pimps, the opposite holds true.

The teams arrived at the feature at dusk to some wind and clouds, but I’m sure that Jon made a call and things calmed down a lot and the weather turned cold and clear and perfect for a jump session. After warming up with peasant tricks [rodeos, switch d-spins, kangaroo flips] the teams moved into some way more underground types of tricks like dub 1260s and dope tandem plays. Russ Henshaw of Team Down Under fame, went from zero spins to dubs to switch right… like a normal person does. Even announcer/personality extraordinaire Luke Van Valin got on the doubles train by bombing a couple dub backflips. Jon HÃ¥tveit stopped moonlighting with the paraglider and went back to his day job — hitting the giant jump while smothly follow-camming Team Norway.

No doubt that everything that the boys did today will produce Class A Chip for their edits due in just over a week. Snow is forecasted for Trysil tomorrow, so it’s anybody’s guess what could happen tomorrow. But stay tuned to Freeskier for daily updates. Be sure to check Jon-Olsson.com and JOSupersessions.com for all your video needs from this event.

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