Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3… It’s still going!

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 3… It’s still going!

Hey everyone, it’s still day 3 here at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. Rather than call it a day after this morning’s jump slaughter, everyone chilled, ate a little food and then headed up to the top of Trysil to check out this big-ass hip that Jon constructed.

Unfortunately, it was windy as hell earlier and when you mix that with the fact that you’re in Norway [read: cold], the landings just don’t soften up. Consequently, only five of the participants manned up to the hip, boosting huge for a crowd of onlookers. Andreas HÃ¥tveit gets the Tan Pimp award of the day, for not only boosting his straight airs huge, but flat-spinning the damn thing multiple times. Jon Olsson gets runner up for guinea-ing the hip and going gigantic. Team USA [Colby West and John Symms] and half of Team Down Under [Russ Henshaw] were also taking part in hip-jumping jubilee.

While Team Sweden was renting a heli for their filmers, Team Norway went a cheaper and more ecologically-friendly [read: kinda gay] way to shoot, with Jon HÃ¥tveit pulling out his paraglider. Brothers, as well as film partners, the HÃ¥tveit brothers are always a spectacle to behold.

With unknown weather on the horizon, the teams all slayed today, and are surely off shooting jibs tonight, before the weather possibly turns sour. Stay tuned to Freeskier, JOsupersessions.com and jon-olsson.com for all the Jon Olsson Super Sessions content.

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