In Case You Missed It

ICYMI: Here’s this week’s best ski videos and other Internet gold

ICYMI: Here’s this week’s best ski videos and other Internet gold

Looking for a recap of last week’s greatest Internet happenings? Never fear, team FREESKIER is here. From last week’s best ski videos, to the most hilarious and entertaining vids to storm the inter-web, we’ve compiled a list of Grade A content for your viewing pleasure. Peep the vids below, and tune in every Monday to catch the previous week’s top highlights.

In Case You Missed It…

The best from freeskier.com

Kye Petersen’s thrilling solo-project, In Search

Alaska, British Columbia, extreme climbs, deep pow, technical tricks, winter camping. Kye Petersen’s 2015 solo-project, In Search, is sure to provide the stoke you need to get after it this weekend. Stay safe out there, buckle up, and enjoy the ride, folks.

Sean Jordan goes all in, in For Lack of Better Side B

Just like that, we’re graced with yet another incredible full part from Clayton Vila’s 2015 film, For Lack of Better. This time around, it’s Sean Jordan throwing down in the streets. If you like what you see above, you’ll love the entire film. Check it out, here.

Duncan Adam’s 2015 season highlights freaking rule

It’s always a good day when Duncan Adams releases a new video. This time around, we’re blessed with the big-mountain hero’s 2015 highlights, with footage from Montana, British Columbia, Colorado and Switzerland. Enjoy 2:33 of stylish, smooth, powdery, buttery goodness. Keep doin’ your thing, Duncan.

Harlaut and Casabon drop action packed trailer for 2016 film, BE Inspired

Scheduled to be released in Fall of 2016, BE Inspired is a feature length film featuring two of skiing’s finest, Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon. While you’re waiting for the flick to drop, the team has released an official trailer and music video—showcasing a sneak peek of the action to come. The music, performed by Raekwon and Kabaka Pyramid, is a mighty fine touch to say the least. Stay tuned for more info on the film project as we get into the new year.

The best from around the web

Puppy on ice

If this doesn’t cure your Monday blues, I’m not sure what will. Personally, I could watch this over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Puppies for the win, all day every day.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan identical plays

This is borderline creepy. It’s hard to say whether Kobe mirrors his game after MJ’s to this extent. I mean, it worked for MJ, so why not copy him?

Red Pandas are the sh#t

Screw the above video of a puppy on ice, Red Pandas are officially the best animals on the planet. I need a Red Panda and I needed one yesterday.

A four-year-old driving a very large remote control vehicle

There’s no chance this is real, right? Little Sophie surely would have pile driven this truck straight into that body of water at the 1:00 mark. Regardless, it’s an entertaining concept to say the least. I would have dominated driving this big rig at age four.

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