ICYMI: Here’s last week’s best skiing videos and other Internet gold

ICYMI: Here’s last week’s best skiing videos and other Internet gold

Looking for a recap of last week’s greatest Internet happenings? Never fear, team FREESKIER is here. From last week’s best ski videos, to the most hilarious and entertaining vids to storm the inter-web, we’ve compiled a list of Grade A content for your viewing pleasure. Peep the vids below, and tune in every Monday to catch the previous week’s top highlights.

In Case You Missed It…

The best from freeskier.com

We Are The Faction Collective #S03E01

Faction Skis (and the rest of the ski community) welcomes the 2015-16 shred season with open arms. In celebration of the inevitable good times ahead, the brand has released a brand spankin’ new episode of its popular web series We Are The Faction Collective. Per usual, the Faction team throws down in style. The locale for #S03E01? Argentina. Kick your feet up and enjoy watching Duncan Adams, Will Berman and Tim McChesney travel South America in a remodeled 1966 Mercedes Benz school bus, dubbed La Chanchita.

Ski resort photobombs

Obergurgl-Hochgurgl ski resort is located in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol, Austria. Its webcams stream to 4,000 hotel rooms across the resort, so guests can receive live updates on snow conditions and weather. Last season, Obergurgl captured some all-time footage of its guests photobombing the cameras spread across the alps. The results? Perfection. Let’s have a round of applause for all pranksters involved.

Lexi duPont’s impressive 2015 season edit

Our sport provides multiple life stresses (i.e. lift lines, wildlife, partying, snow, skier babes, hot cocoa, etc.), but at the end of the day, it’s just skiing. That’s why Lexi duPont decided to release her hard-charging 2015 edit, #WhySoSerious, showcasing the multiple fun aspects of shredding—massive cliffs, natural booters, waist deep pow, flat 360s, ski flying, heli-rides and more.

Cam Boll’s two-year street project, Seconds

Street skiing is ruthless. Handrails, stair sets and concrete walls show no forgiveness. However, for skiers like Cam Boll, the streets pay the bills and provide cheap thrills. Over the past two years, Boll and the good people at Stept Productions have been documenting many of the epic times had scouring cities across the U.S. This week, Boll and Stept are proud to release the final product, a short film dubbed Seconds.

The best from around the web

Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently

Red Bull athletes are constantly upping the ante. This time, BMX rider Kriss Kyle has released a creative masterpiece that will blow your mind. Enjoy Kaleidescope, above.

This machine is changing the lumberjack game

Cutting wood just got a lot more interesting. Above, you’ll find a sweet new toy for all of you lumber-sexual folks out there to enjoy. This is a game changer in the forestry game.

Soccer header challenge

10? 20? Maybe even 30? How many tries did it take these soccer players to finally nail this one? Based on the reaction, I’d say it took a while.

Hilarious backwards running (reversed)

I’m not sure what’s more funny about this—the fact that backwards running races are actually a thing, or the fact that someone took the time to video the race and put the footage in reverse. Regardless, it’s hilarious.

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