Hundreds of amazing photos from our 2017 Ski Test at Snowbird, Utah

Hundreds of amazing photos from our 2017 Ski Test at Snowbird, Utah

Design by Gunter Jones

We’re having the best week ever here at Snowbird testing out next year’s skis, and want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s been goin’ down via a ridiculous amount of photos, below. Scroll through, enjoy and get psyched for our 2018 Buyer’s Guide (subscriptions available now for a crazy-good deal).

Photos from the 2017 FREESKIER Ski Test:

(Photos by Erik Seo, Jay Dash and Sarah Sherman)

Conditions all over Snowbird couldn’t be better right now. Here, Strafe‘s Whit Boucher arcs some Icelantic boards.

Skiing with friends > Everything.

Love at first bite with Todd Ligare and Mame’s Burritos.

Grandy Oats and Noosa Yogurt for the win—every single morning.

Mame’s Burritos have been keepin’ the crew mega-fueled.

FREESKIER Social Media Coordinator Sarah Sherman gives the GoPro Karma Grip a go.

Human slalom, baby!

That post-human slalom feeling.

FREESKIER’s Damian Quigley enjoying the view in his Strafe Outerwear.

Kickin’ back with YETI Coolers.

Just a small group of the hundreds of skis here at Ski Test.

K2 Skis brought an awesome variety, such as the Pinnacle series and others pictured here.

A few of 4FRNT‘s many, many offerings here at the Ski Test.

Just a taste of next year’s Faction products—including the Dictator 2.0, Prodigy and others.


Not new skis, but very badass skis, indeed.

No shortage of kickass costumes here at Ski Test.

Beer, YETI Rambler Colsters and smiles—all you need in life.

Doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

Best Ski Test ever? Yup, best Ski Test ever.

The whole crew got absolutely pitted… The weapon of choice, here, the asymmetrical 2017-18 Blizzard Spur.

One of our testers Willie Nelson, gets airborne with 4FRNT.

Seriously… We cannot tell you enough how rad it is out there.

Tester Katrina DeVore gets the goods w/ next year’s Faction Skis under her feet.

Mr. Mike Filander, veteran tester, out for a midday flight.

Here’s Katrina again, still shredding the sh#t out of Snowbird, this time with that new-new from DPS.


REALLY deep.

Our Senior Editor Donny O’Neill is in there somewhere…

There he is! Hi, Donny!

Pep Fujas was in the house, ladies and gentlemen. In true Pep fashion, he launched a massive cliff nice and early and completely blew up his binding.

J Skis athlete Giray Dadali also made a guest appearance—ready for any and all situations.

Dadali joked around with his Daymaker Touring adapters in Sego’s mini skis.

Very happy testers, as expected.

A fresh pair of 2018 Head skis getting prepped for testing.

Binding adjustments are the name of the game at Ski Test.

A pair of Faction skis en route to the slopes, with some new Fischer skis in the background.

Discussing testing protocol at the base of Snowbird.

Tester Jenny Harris gets set up with a brand-new pair of Faction skis.

“That was f#cking awesome!”


Conditions have been so darn good all week.

Pro shredder Dale Talkington made a guest appearance; he was psyched to spin many awesome laps with our ski testers. Here’s Dale sending it into the pow leftover from Monday’s 14″ storm, following 75+ inches in last week’s storm cycle. Photo by Evan Williams, of Nordica.

Dale Talkington, yet again, blowing through a massive pile of pow. Photo by Evan Williams, of Nordica.

It’s DEEP out there, folks.

Well over a foot of snow this week means epic turns on top of epic turns.

Retro run! Look at that spread eagle!


Truly doesn’t get any better than this 😀.

Prepping 4FRNTs for another test run!

A taste of next year’s Faction products—including the Dictator 2.0, Prodigy and others.

Our love for Fischer continued this week via top-notch offerings for winter 2017-18. Here, we display only a few.

So. Many. Skis.

Just a smidge of HEAD‘s massive ski collection here.

LINE‘s newest fleet of Sick Day skis and others have had testers totally psyched here at The Bird.

Sego arrived with a wide variety of kickass boards—here are a few of ’em!

Models from Völkl like the Mantra, 100 Eight and many others are all present here at Snowbird.

Chamonix-based Black Crows is making its way into the US market like crazy right now and we know exactly why: their skis, like the ones pictured here, are insanely fun to ride. And these are just three of ’em.

FREESKIER’s Online Editor, Connor Davis, with next year’s Blizzard Rustler 11, a Pret helmet and a Phunkshun facemask. In other words: some of the hottest products out there.

Blizzard‘s Pearson Neal with some of next year’s fleet.

Alex Hunt of DPS with his pride and joy for winter 2017-18.

Dynafit ain’t just a touring brand, folks; we tested these boards all over Snowbird on gnarly terrain and had a frickin’ blast.

Elan brought some rippin’ boards to the test, meaning they have plenty to smile about.

Icelantic, as expected, showed up with some top-performing skis covered in amazing graphics.

J Skis in the house, ladies and gentlemen.

The wizard stick graphic from J Skis is too good…

Just a couple of KÄSTLE‘s impressive skis for winter 2017-18.

Lib Tech came in hot with a wide variety of models, including the Wreckreate series, UFO 115 and more.

Liberty and justice for all! These skis—and the many other Liberty models not pictured—will make you feel free-as-can-be out on the hill.

Nordica‘s new boards—like the Enorfcer and Santa Ana series—came dressed to impress. Not pictured: tons of other dreamy Nordica boards.

Prior Skis out of Whistler, British Columbia is at the FREESKIER Ski Test for the first time and we couldn’t be more psyched.

These Salomons, though…
Testers are having a blast on the brand’s QST and Lumen series—some pictured, some not—all week.

Hydrate or die! FREESKIER’s Online Editor, Connor Davis, crushing the H2O via his Vapur water bottle.

Happy tester, Willie Nelson!

That Strafe onesie 👍.

Skiing in costumes = Best time ever.

This Prior graphic 😍.[caption]

[caption]Marcus Caston arcing the dreamiest of turns on his Blizzards—showing the racers how it’s really done.

Getting those bindings dialed for another hot lap with LeVel Gloves and Blizzard.

Ski talk is the best kind of talk.

Shout out to Outdoor Technology for keeping us charged all week!

Local legend Will Wesson tosses a huge backy for the boys and girls.

Yay costumes!

Tester Willie Nelson slurps down a FREESKIER x Avery Brewing Company collab Pow Day IPA after a long day on the hill.

Fashion. Beer. Yes.

The greatest couch on Earth.

FREESKIER x Avery Pow Day IPAs for the squad.

Sierra Quitiquit made a guest appearance, and proceeded to grind up on a Strafe mannequin.

Flying Bud Lights!


Hello, ladies!

We celebrated International Women’s Day with our #GirlCrew of badass, ripping lady ski testers. Sending a big shout-out to ski-loving women around the world.

Thanks to Pret Helmets for protecting our testers’ noggins.

Whip it! Whip it good!

Awesome to have our friends from Ski Utah on-site this week, proponents of “The Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Ski tester Katrina DeVore crushing the piñata, first go.


So. Serious.

One word: Fashion.

Unce, unce, unce.

Thanks, YETI, for keeping our beverages nice and cold all darn week.


Shout out to our talented Brand Reps!

Glug, glug, glug.

FREESKIER Editor-in-Chief, Henrik Lampert, enjoying an après brew. w/ YETI, Strafe Outerwear, Revo sunglasses and Phunkshun Wear.

Icelantic‘s Scotty VerMerris executing the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

DJ Hot Dogg!

Jason Levinthal of J Skis showing off some impressive new product.

Tester Katrina DeVore came dressed to impress at the pool.

[caption]The appropriate reaction to winning our “YETI A Day Giveaway” here at the
Ski Test is smashing beers into one’s forehead, of course.

Pit Viper‘s Chris Garcin capturing the pool party epicness.

Icelantic‘s Scotty VerMerris cannon-balled into the hot tub in his Strafe Outerwear and it was amazing.

Pure joy.

Best. Week. Ever.

Beer! Skis! Yahoo!

Rolling in for après with the “Bud Latte.”

Social media greatness from the 2017 Ski Test

Sander 'Sender' Hadley shralpin the #Arete. #shapingskiing #freeskierfest #4frnt

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@asianrickross likes beer! #freeskierfest @slcbudevents #budweiser 📷 @tlampert

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Happy #internationalwomensday out shredding with frands! Go ladies!!!! #freeskierfest

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@chrisgarcin has no fun at #freeskierfest whatsoever. #beer #budlight #hottub 📷 @bucksnorts

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Did the ice bucket challenge today during #FreeskierFest for my man @garywyman to help raise awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and encouraging people to help support Gary's journey as he was recently diagnosed with this devastating disease. You can help by going to his website Please read below for his story, info, and ways to support. 🙏 Gary was recently diagnosed with ALS. He received the news in December, a little less than 4 months after getting married to his wife Katie ( @batlashes ). What began as seemingly minor symptoms of twitching, weakness in the hands, and slurred speech, has now revealed itself as a full blown terminal illness for which there is no cure. For those unfamiliar, ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, affects the motor neurons in a person's brain and spinal cord, causing muscles to rapidly waste away. ALS patients don't, however, experience any deterioration of the mind, and instead must endure remaining totally aware as the disease robs them of all bodily functions. Unfortunately, after only a few months after diagnosis, Gary is already experiencing major deterioration in his speech, his ability to walk and accomplishing simple daily tasks. While there's hope for treatment and remission for those suffering with cancer, there is no stopping ALS. Once it hits it keeps progressing until the person afflicted is paralyzed and unable to communicate entirely. Gary's life expectancy is 2-5 years. He will soon be wheelchair bound and will require the care of an in-home nurse to assist him in making sure his needs are met while his wife is at work. The medical bills will continue to pile up. We ask that you join us and make a donation and please visit the website link in profile. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. In addition @icelantic_skis and friends will be hosting a fundraiser in Denver in April so please come to the Ogden on April 13th at 7:00 PM for music and raffles to raise awareness. If you work for a company that is able to make a donation of cash or products to auction, please email them through the website and let them know. WWW.TEAMGARBEAR.COM. Love you so much Gary!

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Another insane day at @snowbird. Here, local legend @sanderhadley goes real big in the Gad Valley. #FREESKIERFEST

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"Great day to go slow and get some sun at the bottom," said no one at #freeskierfest, ever.

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@ahmetsbrother learned us the powdah! @freeskiermagazine test #freeskierfest @uvmcatamounts @williamsevan

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Powder day No.2 😃 #Alwaysgoodtimes #Elanskis SnowbirdUtah #freeskierfest

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Im trying to remember how to ski 📸: @mfilander #freeskierfest

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Checking in from Pow Town, USA 🇺🇸 #freeskierfest

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@alexfryhunt starting the week off right here at @snowbird for the @freeskiermagazine #freeskierfest test.

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