Here’s 16 must-have gear items to dominate spring skiing this year

Here’s 16 must-have gear items to dominate spring skiing this year

Spring has officially sprung here in North America. For us diehard skiers, that means a few things: Soft snow, bumps, goggle tans and epic aprés parties. To get you in the mindset for triumphant laps under the sun this year, we’ve gathered a series of must-have items to get your hands on before you take your talents to Party Mountain. From electric onesies, to epic jean speedos, UV fighting shades, bumpin’ speaker systems and more, we’ve covered all of the bases and then some. Peep the offerings below, and bust out your wallet—with our guidance you will be looking fresh to death from first chair to last call.


The Spring Shred Offerings…

80s Neon Ski Suit – The Tony Montana

Shinesty | $199.99 – 224.99

The Tony Montana suit from Shinesty will bring your spring shred game to the next level as soon as you slide it on. Corn, bumps, fat airs—you name it, this suit will crush it. Plus, you’ll look damn good while you tear up the hill and you’ll most definitely be turning heads as you aprés.

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Marquis Sunglasses – Hawaii / Grey

Dragon | $120.00

Stay cool under the sun this spring with the Marquis Sunglasses from Dragon Alliance. A Hawaiian-themed paint job will surely make your buddies jealous of your eyewear. Also, these puppies will match your beer bong flamingo quite nicely (see below).

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Face Down, Poles Up Tank 2.0

Pit Viper | $30.00

This unisex item is for all y’all shredders out there. Not really too much to say about this gem other than, “face down, poles up, that’s the way we like to…”

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Pizza Time Watch

Line Skis | $12.95

For the low price of $12.95 it can be “pizza time” every second of the day. Upon purchasing this hot item from Line Skis, the pizza delivery guy will be added to your speed dial and you’ll be living large with a fresh slice of ‘za (on your wrist) each and every day. Time telling will be a mouth-watering good time.

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Carmel Windstopper Mitt

Armada | $59.95

These mittens sure are purrty, eh? The Carmel Windstopper Mitts are light, breathable and durable—making them a great option for warm days. Not a huge fan of the kittens? Don’t fret, there are plenty more colorways.

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Dylan Thompson GEO Camo (Bluetooth)

JammyPack | $29.00

Looking for good vibes all of the time? Start the party and keep it going while you and your friends shred the mountain. Keep in mind, this JammyPack is bluetooth so you can wirelessly bang your beats from first chair to last call. Note: This item would make for a great place to stash your Ski Boss Collection kit from Black Rock (see below).

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The Daytona Dong Sarong Jeado Speedo

Shinesty | $39.99

Shinesty really knocked it out of the park with this item. The Daytona Dong Sarong Jeado Speedo is for any of you that are daring enough to hit the mountain in as little clothing as possible. Go ahead, show off your cahones (literally) and bust out your best spread eagle—you’re bound to win the day with these babies on. Need we mention that they are freaking denim?

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