Heat Harvest 3 @ Sunday River – That’s A Wrap

Heat Harvest 3 @ Sunday River – That’s A Wrap

Day 1

A quick update from the glacier, um, I mean Maine.

Everyone is burnt from a day spent in the blazing sun. The same blazing sun made for some killer conditions. The setup at Heat Harvest 3 consists of a 70 foot chasm booter, a hip and a super steep whoopdy (I’m aware that’s not a word) booter that got a heavy session at the end of the day. The night sesh is just getting underway. Headed there in a minute.

Today’s top talent: Richie P (stalls grabs at sunset for photo people better than anyone), Nick Martini (double fronts and so much else), Clayton Vila (awesome name and awesome style), the gang from Lake Placid that won NBJ (esp JP) for charging hard all day, Shea Flynn (home field advantage), Curtis B (first to hit the scary one and first to hit it switch), The GSR hucksters, Giray Dadali (no knee followcams), Kak (the lone snowboarder who can hang), plus so many more..

Roma, all the park guys, and me, have been going flat out for two weeks with the Simon QP record events followed by HH3 and there’s one more night and day to go. Check back for more shots from Heat Harvest 3 at Sunday River and be sure to pick up the new Meathead Films movie this fall for all the shots.

Day 2

The entire gang is toast and on there way back to wherever they call home. Skiers came from far wide wide to THE eastern superpark. As usual someone got discovered. This year it was Justin Perry. This kid rocks a manly beard and an appetite for large tricks on intimidating elements. He’ll be jetting out west shortly on some sweet new Fischer Skis. Support companies that support the eastern talent.

I am toast as well. What a season at Sunday River – it continues till the 27th so come out and shred. Hats off to all the folks who made park madness happen this April from Simon and the entire QP crew last week, to the patrol, lifties, and the park groomers and shovelers who have been up all hours and eaten way to much pizza in a snowcat this week.

The hip got some major action today. Frizzel got the amp award, Erik Olsen came out of nowhere to remind us of style, as usual Martini did something no one else could hitting it switch with a 5 or 7 (I’m old – can’t tell on a switch hip hit), and Perry stomped about a half dozen flat spins in a row.

I tossed up a few pics from Friday. The chasm booter had way more pop today and the pics show it. Here’s to two sunny days and no bad hurts. Get the new Meathead Film in the fall for it all. Signing off from Heat Harvest 3.




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