Gus Kenworthy Wins Toyota Tricktopsy Big Air

Gus Kenworthy Wins Toyota Tricktopsy Big Air

The Winter Dew Tour wasn't over quite yet, there was one more small event to take place on the Sabbath today. Toyota and Real Player teamed up with the Dew Tour folks to have a big air for a few select skiers this afternoon, with hopes of winning five large. Flat light and windy, the competitors decided that no matter who wins the big air session, they were all going to split the $5,000 equally among the 8 riders. And when the dust had settled from the 30-minute jam, young Gus Kenworthy took home the win. Gus, whose winning trick was his cork 900 nose to tail grab, not only looked effortless, but was stylish and probably garnered young Kenny G a few new lady admirers. While all the competitors were taking it easy, and the prize purse will be split, Kenny G can still boast his 1st pro win and will probably be coaxed into spending 10% tonight.

Other highlights included Bobby Brown dropping double 1080 and 1260 knowledge on the field, Ian Cosco's rodeo 900 and 1080 antics, Tom Wallisch's right and left 540 blunts, Jossi Wells super pimp rodeo 540s, and Joe Schuster's bright orage jacket with shoulder pads. At one point, all the competitors trained the jump, giving a show for the crowd, and Ian Cosco and Kenny G doubled the jump with some old school moves for Vermont. Wallisch and Brown both laid out backflips, paying homage to the great backflips gods. All the athletes deserve accolades for braving the conditions this afternoon and putting on a show to close out the weekend. And after this final event, the Winter Dew Tour comes to an end, and we bid adieu to Vermont. See you next year.

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