Get to know Kieran Nikula, the “Best Skier On The Internet”

Get to know Kieran Nikula, the “Best Skier On The Internet”

I never knew anything about Kieran Nikula until I found out he was coming on a trip that I was shooting with Salomon Freeski TV in the Kootenays, BC. I searched his name on Google, as any good stalker would, and discovered he is the “Best Skier On The Internet,” a title he won on newschoolers.com thanks to his many sick video edits.

While on the shoot, he impressed me with his smooth style, strong work ethic and positive outlook on skiing. Between shooting and shredding, I sat down with Kieran to pick his brains about the future of Kieran, the future of skiing and more.


Age: 24
Sponsors: Salomon, Smith Optics, Sun Peaks Resort, Yeboi, Pimp Hands Gloves
Residing: Pemberton, BC
Hometown: Sun Peaks, BC
Setup: Salomon Remix, Rocker2 122. Ghost 90 boots.
Truck/Sled Combo: 2005 Silverado 2500. Sled, 2007 Skidoo XRS hill climb edition

What’s your skiing background? I was put on skis at age two, into the Nancy Green Race League at 5 or 6 and continued racing ’til I was 16. I enjoyed racing, but I was little for my age and just had no way of competing against the other dudes. I dropped out of racing and saved up money and bought a pair of Rossignol Scratch skis. Immediately, I was in the park every weekend.

Explain your style of skiing. I try to be as multi-faceted as possible. I just try to be the truest definition of a “skier” that I can while still being free to do things my own way. I try to be well versed in the park, streets and backcountry. With my style, I just want to be fluid and use very relaxed movements to move about the mountain. I call it a minimalist approach to skiing.

Who are you filming with right now? This winter I have been working on an urban project with a couple of my boys from Kamloops, BC. A collaborative project between Film Inc Media, Inflik Media and LSL Productions, to be released sometime this spring. Plus this amazing Salomon Freeski TV trip, for an episode that will be coming out next season.

Kieran Nikula | 2012 season highlights

Have you suffered any big crashes or injuries that changed your outlook on skiing? I have been very fortunate to not have had any serious injuries from skiing. I am just lucky I guess. One broken thumb was the worst injury I have had.

Fitness. What do you do to stay on top of your game? I really like swimming laps. My girlfriend is also really fit and motivated, so she keeps me in the gym whenever I am at home.

What does the future hold for you? Any thoughts on skiing’s future? The future? Well I sure hope it’s full of skiing for me. As for the future of skiing, outwards and upwards in every direction, I suspect. There are so many people doing so many cool things in every discipline that the future can’t be anything but bright. I guess the future of skiing that I really get excited about is within contests, like the Swatch Skiers Cup and Red Bull Linecatcher; the skiers in those contests shred!

What was your favorite ski movie this season? I try to watch as many of the new ski movies that come out each year. They all get me really stoked. I like the newest Stept movie, and I really like the works of Sherpas Cinema and Nimbus Independent.

Upcoming objectives for you? Things you want to ski? I would really like to just keep filming, and shift over to backcountry. I am really inspired by the Nimbus boys. Ski more pow!

Places you want to travel to? Japan and Europe would be a real treat, hopefully Central America in the spring.

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