Gallery: See snapshots from Windells Camp Session 1, 2013

Gallery: See snapshots from Windells Camp Session 1, 2013

by John Kutcher

Summer at Mt. Hood has officially kicked off. Session 1 of 2013 has been one to remember. The Windells private park is up and running, packed to the brim with features and jump lines. The Session 1 campers, staff, and visiting pros are usually fending off lingering winter conditions but everyone was excited to see a forecast filled with sun for the first week of the summer.

This week marked the APO Team Takeover—it was a huge hit. The athletes were excited to be back cruising around the park on-hill and ripping the skateparks at camp. Sammy Carlson, Will Berman, Reed Lewis and Paul Bergeron were all out and about, hyping up the campers. On the hill, APO hosted a fun “progression session” to share some tricks of the trade: Nose butters, mega spins, pretzels, coffin slide variations, and even some flips were thrown in the mix.

Watch Now: Highlights from Week 1 at Windells Camp, 2013 (APO Week)

The newest feature on-hill, the quad-kink rail, saw a ton of action during its debut session. The beast is just 1 of 14 rail features that are in the park, along with 8 different jumps. Needless to say, the park for Session 1 was awesome and a provided a great way to kick off the summer.

Not only were there fun activities going on up on the mountain, there were also tons of activities to participate in at camp. The APO crew hosted the first ever Windells Shoe Golf Masters. All in attendance were astounded by the level of athletic prowess that was showcased throughout the round. Other notable activities were the APO cacao eating challenge and the Saga blindfolded wheelbarrow race.

It’s hard to believe that Session 1 has already come and gone. The stoke for the rest of summer has officially set in so be sure to sign up for the remaining sessions before spaces run out. Don’t miss out on all the snow, fun, and of course summer skiing.

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