The funnest place on earth with the funnest pros on earth.

The funnest place on earth with the funnest pros on earth.

There is never a dull day on the glacier ont Mount Hood when the likes of Tom Wallisch, Collin Collins, Steve Stepp, John Spriggs, Tanner Hall, Mike Hornbeck, Megan Gunning, Dania Assaly, Josh Bishop, Liam Downey, Keri Herman, Phil Casabon, Ashley Battersby, Nick Martini and many others are cruising around with campers galore.

The left over jump from Sammy’s contest is still in great shape.

For starters, it’s Armada week at Windells, and the am team is out shooting with Chris O’Connell including Mike Hornbeck, Seamus and Paddy Flanagan and Phil Casabon. Hitting big jumps, dumpsters and buttering around, Michael led the crew around all day and eventually had to call it a day when he landed too flat and ripped his binder out. Not a problem, however, as he simply rolled down to camp and skated until dark. Never one to sit around, that Hornbeck.

Also on the snow, Tom Wallisch, John Spriggs, Dane Tudor and others started sessioning an impromptu hit out of the pipe and over a gap to a gnarly transition. Not made for hitting, it provided some navigating but that didn’t stop Spriggs from getting the double and Dane from cork sevening the shit out of it. Check out the videos. Spriggs went on to stomp it after my battery died.

Tanner Hall and Nick Martini were out cruising around mellow style as they are both coming off injuries. But it was good to see them both back on the snow. Having a GREAT time.


The girls were also getting into the mix with Keri corking out some switch sevens and Ashley making her sevens look easy. Dania and Megan were working on their rail game.

Oh hey, Dania. You look fine.

Keri Herman is so damn smooth.

Windells really is the funnest place on earth where campers are able to roam with the pros on the hill and on the cement back at campus. With two new surface lifts on the snow and more concrete than ever, Tim Windell is continuously stepping up the camp game and the real winners are the kids.

Today, the snowboard Pipe to Pipe contest went down followed by the Garorade Free Flow tour. Like I said, there is no end to the excitement at Windells during the summer.

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