The FullCircle Project Wrap Up [Videos]

The FullCircle Project Wrap Up [Videos]

It’s a wrap. Matt Philippi and the FullCircle crew have finished up their summer of shredding and humanitarian work.

Aidan Haley, Jack Tolan, Taylor Felton, Dan Marion, Michael Brown, and Philippi spent the summer in South America skiing and helping Un Techo Para Chile, an organization focused on improving the quality of life for those displaced by the February earthquakes in Chile.

Matt Harvey sat down with “project manager” and the visionary behind The FullCircle Project, Matt Phillippi, and revisited the project.

photo: Michael Brown

The FullCircle Project

Interview: Matt Harvey

Was this project your idea? How did you hear about and get interested in the Un Techo Para Chile?

The project idea was a bit of a collaboration. Jack Tolan (TFCP music producer and tele athlete) and I were sitting on my porch in Salt Lake City watching the sun set and we just started talking about what I wanted to do with my summer. Also, how I was going to return to snow after a year off recovering from knee surgeries.

We started talking about traveling, skiing, and helping other people out.  We decided that a ski trip that involved community outreach programs near the areas that we, as pro skiers, have the privilege to visit was what we wanted to do.  

I’d skied in Chile before and when learned that the region where I skied got hit by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake and 70 foot tsunami, I knew that it was a place where I could try to make a difference. I got in touch with a friend I had made during my last trip to Chile, and whose house had been wiped out by the tsunami.  He guided me towards the right organizations and people to contact and from there it’s history.

Can you describe what the idea behind the documentary was all about exactly?

Well, we wanted to document our journey with edits that consisted of about half skiing and half disaster relief. Along with skiing we wanted to show that we were also there making an impact on the Chilean communities impacted by the destruction.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

For more photos, videos and info visit thefullcircleproject.com.

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