It’s Friday, so we’re giving away a pair of 4FRNT Skis

It’s Friday, so we’re giving away a pair of 4FRNT Skis

The Fine Print: If you arrived at this page via our Gear Weekly newsletter, you’ve officially been entered for a chance to win. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The winner will be selected randomly, and announced via the next edition of Gear Weekly—winner has the option to select a 4FRNT Devastator or Aretha. Miss the boat on this giveaway? Sign up to receive future newsletters via this link: https://freeskier.com/e-newsletter-signup.


A message from 4FRNT:

Progressive minds create simple ideas that work.

Occasionally, when you try something new or push boundaries, even if the changes you make are relatively simple, you discover revolutionary ideas that can change everything. The idea to match rocker with sidecut radius in a completely rockered ski was Eric’s. We learned from previous experience with the CRJ that even the most hilariously outlandish (at the time) designs have the potential to produce amazing skis so we made some prototypes of Eric’s new ski.

Right from the start we knew we created something special. From the first test the ski seemed magical. We went back to the drawing board and eventually came out with what is now known as The Renegade. The moniker of this ski was of vital importance to us. In our minds this ski represented everything we stood for: Innovation, rider owned business, and rider inspired designs. This ski rebelled against current paradigms shared among the industry and dared people to try it. People did try the ski, and they loved it.

We thought that maybe the design principles we developed through Renegade production could be transferred to other skis suited for other purposes. We continued the innovation spawned by The Renegade and developed The HOJI. A lighter, ski with a tighter turning radius, and narrower waist, but still featuring Reflect-Tech. The HOJI we found, excelled in areas we thought the Renegade didn’t. Essentially the two skis complemented each other perfectly, or so we thought.

Back in our development lab we call The White Room we wanted to continue using Reflect-Tech in a meaningful way to offer more unique skis with this fantastic technology. The deep powder hound Renegade and big mountain devouring HOJI could use a cousin we thought. A ski that handled similarly, but in a more all-mountain configuration and with a women’s specific model. Slightly narrower underfoot and a shorter turning radius to be effective and nimble in a myriad of conditions and with a twin tip to allow for more free expression, but still a wide body ski with Reflect-Tech that went from edge to edge seamlessly and provided the powder surfing sensation we had come to love. Enter The Devastator and its twin sister The Aretha. This ski went through a few prototypes before we had it just right because the proper flex was important. This ski need to charge everything. It does.

We will continue to dream up new models using Reflect-Tech while we evolve this design and our others into even better skis because we just can’t stop. Skiing is just too much damn fun.

“The technology now known as Reflect-Tech is the brainchild of Eric Hjorleifson. It was his desire for a ski that felt surfy and quick in pow, without sacrificing stability on big lines. We knew that if it worked for The Renegade that it could work on daily drivers like The HOJI and The Devastator as well. We will continue to fine tune and explore the possibilities of Reflect-Tech in the White Room. Reflect-Tech is here to stay, try it this winter and see for yourself why it works.” – Dan Burwell, Production Manager, 4FRNT Skis

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