It’s Friday, April 3; here’s the best skiing content of the week

It’s Friday, April 3; here’s the best skiing content of the week

Freeskier.com has been chock full of rockin’ content this week, as per usual. You’re busy, we know, and some of these items may have eluded your eyeballs; we’ve roped the best of the best into this ‘ere corral to ensure you stay in the know. Enjoy.

Top Videos

Watch Owen Leeper and Tim Swartz put the throttle down in Cooke City, MT

“Discrete Clothing athlete Owen Leeper is back with yet another hard-charging pow edit. This time, the free-ripper ventures to Cooke City, Montana alongside fellow powder hound Tim Swartz. The duo puts the throttle to the handle bars and rips the backcountry on snowmobiles in search of deep pow and big natural features. Check it out.” – Thacher Stone

Saga and 4FRNT collaborate to present Wiley Miller’s greatest hits in “Let ‘er Buck”

“This week, Saga Outerwear and 4FRNT Skis have collaborated to bring us Wiley Miller’s best shots from the past season. Throughout the three-minute long video, enjoy some of Miller’s best shots from his X Games Real Snow edit and footage from his time filming with Level 1 Productions. Next time you’re out on the hill, remember to Let ‘er Buck.” – Thacher Stone

Steve Stepp endures some first world struggles in “They See Me Trollin’” ep. 3.2

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Steve Stepp is a maniac. The Saga Outerwear athlete is insane, and it’s f*cking awesome. Throughout the latest episode of Stepp’s They See Me Trollin’ web series, Steve is pressured by his sponsors to change up his edits. With money on the line, he is forced to ski to the tune of Nickleback, keep his edit under five minutes and get more views or he runs the risk of being dropped. Keep on being you, Steve.” – Thacher Stone

Top Stories

A Skier of Circumstance: Why Fostvedt owes his career to a single flip (of the coin)

Photo by Nate Abbott

Photo by Nate Abbott

“Stylish, confident, talented. Those are all qualities that make the world of ski media take notice. Thoughtful, humble, independent. These virtues don’t always guarantee attention. In my mind though, Karl is next in a line of skiers who combine both sets of traits, indelible names in our sport including Eric Pollard, Michelle Parker, Dash Longe, Pep Fujas, Mike Hornbeck, Adam Delorme and more, all who have made their names not by scoring higher but rather by playing an entirely different game.” Continue reading…

Lentz & Sivell reign supreme; recapping 2015 Wrangle the Chute at Kicking Horse

Photo by Bruno Long

Photo by Bruno Long

“Come contest time, I planted myself among a group of rowdy locals on the south side of the CPR ridge, opposite of the contest venue. Conditions: bluebird and warm. The surrounding mountains provided a stunning backdrop. Beers and canned Caesars were flowing freely by mid-morning, and spectators were in constant danger of receiving a snowball to the back of the head. The group shared tales of Wrangle events of yore, and laughter filled the air. And throughout the competition, massive cheers erupted in appreciation of excellent skiing and/or gut-wrenching spills.” Continue reading…

Show me the money: The agents behind skiing’s biggest stars

Photo by Nate Abbott

Photo by Nate Abbott

“Watching sports agent Michael Spencer while one of his athletes competes is almost as exciting as spectating the event itself. Spencer’s piercing blue eyes settle on the course and narrow in intensity. As he paces back and forth, his gloved hands come together with such force, they create a loud thwap through layers of insulation. His repetitive shouts of support— “Come on, [insert athlete name], come on!”—rise above even the loudest X Games crowd. It’s the only way he knows how to release the nervous energy that overcomes him at every high- stakes event. Spencer might turn red in the face, and he might lose his voice, but if you are a high-profile skier, he’s just the kind of guy you want negotiating your contract.” Continue reading…

Best of Instagram

Not a bad day at @kickinghorsemtn… @HelloBC #ExploreBC #SkiBC #GoBruins #KHMR #WrangleTheChute – @hanklambo

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