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#FreeskierWeek is on at Windells Camp; see video of the pros’ arrival day

Game on.

#FreeskierWeek returns to Windells Camp for the second straight year, and this go-round, we have the honor of hosting Session 1—the most slammin’ kickoff to summer evah!

This morning, myself and FS video editor Shane Dowaliby hopped a flight from Denver to Portland. At PDX, we met up with Freeskier’s own Nicole Birkhold, along with two of our three guest pros: Mr. Joss Christensen and Keri Herman. Missing was Karl Fostvedt; the man is shacking up in Portland these days, and he would meet us later in the day. So, we were four, and off we went in our fancy red rental.

Between leaving PDX and arriving at Windells, we made pit stops at Wal-Mart—in order to track down a slew of toys with which to host activities at the Windells campus and also up on-snow—and we hit Taco Del Mar, too, for wet burritos.

After a quick drive, we arrived at Windells. We made a quick lap to do some meet-and-greets, and we also took some time to engage in a few quick games of b-ball knock-out. “Damn, it’s nice to be back here,” I thought to myself. That summer camp vibe is certainly infectious.

Among those we spoke with was Joey Cipriani, who’s serving on the Windells “digger” program this summer—i.e. he’s one of the hard working men and women who are responsible for crafting the on-snow features. I don’t recall his exact quote, but it was something along the lines of, “the setup right now is the best it’s ever been.” This sentiment was echoed by many other Windells staffers throughout the evening. The diggers have had three+ days to perfect the goods, and with 400+ inches of snow gracing Timberline this season, it sounds like they had an absolute field day up there getting things ready. Forty+ jibs, we hear?

We participated in the first-day-of-camp-orientation, met a ton of stoked as’ campers, and later made for our digs, a short ways down the road.

I busted out the Sony Action Cam today and recorded some of the happenings. I whipped ‘em together into a pretty raw clip. Forgive the lack of epic music, sweet transitions, titles, etc. I’m no expert when it comes to Premiere Pro.

For now, it’s 1:00 a.m. and folks are tucking in. Tomorrow, we hit the hill. On the docket: lots of backflipping. Moreover, activities galore and prizes abound. We’ll be sure to shoot some more video, and we’ll have photos, as well. The Windells content crew will be capturing a whole mess load of content, too.

Hashtags to follow for Session 1: #FreeskierWeek and #Windells2014.

And now, to the fridge I go. The Corona is calling.



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