FREESKIER’s 10-step guide to ski testing

FREESKIER’s 10-step guide to ski testing

We’re currently testing hundreds of next year’s skis at Aspen Snowmass with a stacked crew. The products that perform best will grace the pages of our next Buyer’s Guide, ultimately helping you, our wonderful reader, to find boards that’ll make your 2019-20 season one to remember… Want to know how we test all these skis? Read below to find out and take advantage of our awesome magazine subscription deal going on right now.

Photography by Matt Power

1. Evaluate our custom testing app via your phone and see which skis need reviewing.


2. Go grab your ski of choice from the racks.


3. Consult the corresponding brand rep to get details on what to expect out on the hill.


4. Have one of the on-site technicians adjust the ski’s bindings to your boot sole. Don’t want to lose a shoe out there!


5. Hop on the lift and go let it rip! Aspen Snowmass’ endless terrain provides for pristine testing conditions; get after it, baby.


6. On the hill, consider the following categories to rank the ski properly: versatility, carving, stability, float and playfulness. Keep those notes in your head as best as you can.


7. Don’t forget to have fun on your way down because that’s what skiing’s all about!


8. Hop back on the lift with a new pair of skis and get ready for another rippin’ run of testing.


9. While on the lift, rate the ski you just tested. It’s important to log your opinions right away while they’re still fresh in your head.


10. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


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